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Week 12 to Week 16 Pregnant Whole 30

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I think I might try the 21 day sugar detox actually--it incorporates both full fat dairy, green bananas, green apples, and grapefruit. Coconut and almond flour are also permitted--so the restrictions are considerably different but I think that I'll still benefit from it since sugar is being all but eliminated.

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Are you talking about after your W30 or instead of finishing your W30? If you do decide to do 21dsd after your w30 I recommend doing a dairy intro first and I make sure you make the modifications to the program for pregnant women (more carbs). For the record, coconut and almond flour are not against the rules for W30 - just making paleoized treats out of them.

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physibeth--that's what I meant about the flours--that they can't be used in the ways that they can for the sugar detox although I'm not sure I want to introduce "paleofied" goods just yet as I don't know if I can eat them responsibly. I plan to continue my whole 30 (well whole 35 with the addition of some sort of "treat" tomorrow--I'm thinking I'll make a pumpkin soufflé with compliant ingredients or something like that. I haven't really decided yet). And yes, I will certainly do a dairy reintro just to be sure that it does't cause troubles. 

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Day 22 and nothing really to report here. my appetite has been a bit off for the past 2 days. My "SWYPO" dessert is basically a larabar so it's not really any more than SWYPO than that so I don't feel bad--I would've felt awkward for making a cheesecake for everyone else and sitting eating nothing--it would look as though I'm trying to "fatten" them up when it has nothing to do with calories (obviously) and only to do with my dietary restrictions. 

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Still going strong today, day 23. Yesterday was an ideal day so I'll share!  


I ate...


Meal 1 (10:30 am):

  • frittata
  • kale/mushroom/chicken sausage sauté
  • sweet potato (small) w/ almond butter 


Meal 2 (2:30): 

  • small bowl of thai curry w/ shrimp (mostly veg) 
  • chicken burger patty topped w/ avocado
  • side of cole slaw
  • orange


Snack (5pm because dinner was likely to be later than usual): 

  • large carrot
  • salad w/ lettuce and black olives 
  • pineapple (fresh)


Meal 3: 

  • salmon (2 fillets) 
  • roasted veggies 
  • roasted sweet potatoes
  • homemade larabar-esque "dessert" 
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Day 24 today and I'm going strong. Excited about food again...made orange chicken yesterday and going to make teriyaki chicken today. I don't know that I'll extend my whole 30 or if ill just start reintro right away. I think it depends on whether my husband has Tuesday off in which case ill likely get froyo to celebrate us finding out the sex of our baby. Plus I've been yearning for it. :) it's really the only thing I miss enough to care about the restrictions.

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Way to go! You're almost done! I've totally failed to launch for some reason. I've done two successful Whole 30's in the past and I know how great they are when you get going but for some reason I keep slipping into the "tomorrow, I'll start tomorrow" mindset. This, of course, is to justify pizza/sandwich/cookie today. Ugh. I know I could write all day about excuses, but I have a serious case of winter exhaustion/first trimester tiredness and this just seems like one more thing. I need to change my perspective and see it as something fun and distracting during this rough time of year! Anyway, you're inspiring me. I'm about 10w and I will start TODAY!

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It's day 26 and I'm still going strong. I don't feel MUCH different really but I'm a lot less bloated than I typically am after eating. I also haven't counted calories, I've eaten to satiety, I've overcome my fear of eating too much fat, I've decreased my need to snack (although I have not successfully eliminated it altogether) and I've tried new recipes. Those are definite wins.


I've got 4 days to go...I've decided I'll only be doing 30 days and reintroducing the following: 


Day 1: Dairy (frozen yogurt/mozzarella cheese/greek yogurt) --> Tuesday, March 4th

Day 4: Oats (steel cut) --> Friday, March 7th 

Day 7: Rice (brown & wild rice/rice cakes) & Quinoa (red quinoa) --> Monday, March 10th

Day 10: Legumes (hummus/black beans) --> Wednesday, March 13th 


I'm not reintroducing lentils, corn, soy, or wheat because I'm mildly allergic (at minimum) to these items. So, I'm not going to even entertain thoughts of eating them. 

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Perfect day so far today...

  • woke up at 5:55
  • got to the gym at 6:30
  • did ~an hour and a half of LISS (cardio)
  • got home and showered but wasn't hungry at all for breakfast
  • decided to make a frittata at ~9--> popped it in the oven at 9:30 
  • while the frittata baked I made my husband/his coworkers coffee cake muffins (and I licked/tasted nothing) 
  • had breakfast at 10 
  • washed the dishes, got dressed, and headed out by 10:45
  • coffee with a friend at 11
  • left at 12:10 to the law school to prepare for class
  • class 1-3 (hasn't started yet)
  • lunch 3:45 
  • and that's about it for my plans for the day but it's going swimmingly thus far 



Planned meals...


M1: frittata (equivalent of 2.5 eggs, 1-1.5 cups veg, and 3/4 of a chicken sausage),  sautéed kale and mushrooms


"Snack:" Coffee w/almond milk (compliant), 2 small oranges, 1 green apple (I was STARVING and it was already ~4.5 hours after breakfast at this point--I'd have eaten a mini meal but I was in class and that's all that was available aside from magic bars, cookies, kashi bars, and other glutenous/sugary treats).


M2: teriyaki chicken over cauliflower rice, sweet potato with a smidge of almond butter, homemade coconut/date bar (larabar-esque) topped with a smidge of almond butter


M3: chicken burger (or 2) topped w/ avocado, sauteed zucchini, cherry tomatoes 

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Looks like I'm wrapping up here-- and I'm not particularly needy for any noncompliant foods so we will see how tomorrow goes and whether I get the urge to reintro anything. Starting to think a whole 45 wouldn't be a bad idea but I'm not 100% sold on that just yet.

I guess the entire thing just feels easier now that I'm approaching the finish line and stopping doesn't seem urgent or even necessary at this point. also, I don't think I have any events to attend next week so unless my husband has a day off and brings up frozen yogurt I think I'll just keep going.

Hmmm...lots to think about. I'm going grocery shopping tonight and ill just avoid buying non-compliant items for now as well as fruit and nuts since both are foods without breaks.

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So, today I had an unplanned reintro. There was hummus in this salad that I ate and I thought it was only tahini. That's okay, I wanted to reintro garbanzo beans anyway. So far so good. I don't think I'll even have more than 1 serving of them today though which isn't ideal I know.

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Well, there goes that. Just found out today that I can't eat the following: 

  • soy 
  • corn 
  • wheat 
  • lentils
  • pistachios
  • almonds
  • hazelnuts
  • chickpeas
  • white beans
  • green beans
  • kiwi
  • banana
  • oats
  • buckwheat
  • barley
  • rice

and I think that's it...


allergy wise I'm in the clear for:

  • pecans
  • walnuts
  • cashews
  • brazil nuts 
  • dairy
  • gluten (apparently I'm not allergic to gluten just something (a protein I'm guessing) in those other glutinous grains) 

So, primal it is for me it seems. I'm shockingly okay with this--it gives me more umph to get through the hard days! 

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