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Started 13 January

Desire Mapper

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Good Morning,


I intended to start the Whole 30 on 12 January but couldn't say no to one last grilled cheeses sandwhich and restarted on 13 January. I had been reading about paleo for weeks before hand and looking for a good time to start. Had the worst headaches of my life the first two days, particularly Tuesday. Still craving dairy. Don't think I will cut it out completely when Whole 30 finishes but am comfortable working around the grains now.


I am really grateful for the recipes on Clothes Make the Girl and Nom Nom paleo webs sites. Actually, grateful for the paleo community sharing recipes on the web site over all. Some times I'd buy the wrong cut of meat and was incredibly relieved to learn I could just google paleo and the cut of meat and find many great ideas for cooking. I've been gradually incorporating more paleo recipes into my diet for the last two months and bought a slow cooker in late November.


I've known I needed to address my nutrition for some time. I had a hiking accident a few years ago that limited my mobility for a while. I used to think I didn't eat that much, but I gained a lot of weight afterwards, so apparently the truth was that I was incredibly active. I felt sorry for myself and probably sought more comfort in food than I should. Also, have tried many restrictive diets and food has become too much of a consolation to me in recent years. Fallen captive to the mentality that if the rest of life is so hard then at least I can eat what I want, once too often in recent years.


I would absolutely love to lose weight to get back to a size that is normal for me and feels comfortable for me in social situations, but what I also want to know that I am getting the best nutrition to offset symptoms of aging like losing skin elasticity and creaky joints, and to keep my energy level even and reliable to have more fun.


I hate the word "diet". I am looking for a framework for eating that will help me guarantee myself nutrition and nourishment.  And I the Whole 9 values appeal to me because they echo much of Joshua Rosenthal's philosophy that what we eat is secondary nutrition;l the first nutrition is our relationships, spiritual belief and environment, and we need to look at everything to lead a fully nourished life.


I began the year by working through Danielle La Porte's Desire Map, hence my user name. I learned that three of my core desired feelings (CDF's) are nourished, jubilant, and strong. All of these are largely affected by diet, weight, and health. I also have a  daily planner, where I can evaluate  how many of my activities bring me closer to resonating with my desired feelings and I realize that my body and wellness aspect of my life is too often neglected. I am hoping to correct that by the Whole 30 and more discipline in exercise. Sadly, a Cross Fit membership is well outside my budget, but I am interested in learning new modes of exercise.


I look forward to meeting others on the journey. 


PS. I have not participated in a forum like this in over a decade and find it a bit overwhelming on deciding how and where to post.

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My husband & I started on Jan 12 - it's been a good week, I am lucky because my husband is retired chef so the challenge is fun for him and I reap the yummy benefits! Good luck to you in reaching all your goals!

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Thank you, MJC.


I think aside from the migraines early in the week, my biggest challenge is having to make most of my food over the weekends. I do miss dairy but mostly I miss being able to pick up food on the go.


I live alone and work many hours a week. I don't usually feel like cooking when I get home. I'm trying to do more over the weekend but now it feels like the weekend is all chores rather than mostly chores, which I resent.


The first week was full of lessons that I can't believe I did not know about myself, like how much food do I need for a week.


And I think I've started with a bit of insomnia related to the diet change, which surprised me because I expected to be feeling extra tired about now, based on "what to expect during the Whole 30" posts.

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