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Coconut sugar!…??


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Found this product at the farmers market in Marin, CA today

Vanilla palm syrup made with coconut sugar



…can we have coconut sugar, and if not, what are your thoughts on it being pale friendly post whole 30? This is what there website says 


"Coconut sugar isn't actually made from coconuts- It's the nectar from the coconut tree flower blossom. The coconut blossom fills with sweet, nutrient rich nectar about every 3 months. To make coconut sugar, the flower bud is pierced and the nectar collected. The nectar is then poured into a cauldron and kettle, boiled to evaporate the liquid, and then ground into delicious golden granules. That's it!"


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Coconut sugar is a better option than plain old table sugar for after your whole30 though. However, it's got a very different flavor than regular sugar, something like brown sugar but even different still, different texture as well, it's almost chewy or like a resin rather than like hard crystals. I personally like the flavor and think it's a great option for after your whole30 if you want to have a treat. Just be careful not to undo all the positive results of your whole30 by pigging out on junk food. It is still sugar, after all.

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