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Purple sweet potatoes


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I found the purple-skinned, white-fleshed sweet potatoes at the asian market yesterday. I grabbed a few to experiment with because I am really sick of the taste/texture of regular jewel yams. Tonight I peeled and shredded one intending to use it for a hash in the morning with some leftover pork, eggs, and onions and peppers, but I wanted to try it first to make sure the flavor would be good. I tasted a tiny piece raw and discovered that it had absolutely no flavor whatsoever. Zero. Zip. Nada. So I threw a very small bit of shredded bits in a pan with a little ghee, salt and pepper and fried it up until it was golden brown. I discovered that it did not get mushy like the regular sweet potatoes I'm used to and held up to cooking, getting crispy and tender, rather than soggy and soft. It also started to smell delicious, kind of nutty. When I tasted it - wow! The flavor was mild, very slightly sweet, and nutty. The salt I'd sprinkled it with and the buttery ghee made it outstanding. I think they would make incredible oven fries, hashbrowns, or in a hash with other things. They are much less sweet than standard sweet potatoes, which is what I was looking for, with a very different, very mild flavor that I think would be very versatile for a lot of dishes that regular sweet potatoes wouldn't be suited for.

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