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Whole 30 dreams!


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Hi! This is my first Whole 30, and I'm now on day 19. Feeling pretty good. I've been really lucky as I haven't had any of the bad symptoms - no fog / kill all the things etc. Ate pretty clean before hand, my biggest dread was giving up mayo, ketchup and bacon! I live in Spain, and most things here are packed with junk, even yogurts...so I'm sort of forced into home made everything anyway!


One thing I have noticed though is that I've been having very vivid dreams! I wake up every morning and it's as if I've been awake on another day, so much happened! Anyone else have this? The funniest I've had was about my auntie...she got lots of tattoos! (She is the LAST person in the world you would ever expect to have a tattoo!) I even remember what a lot of the tattoos were!



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