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Whole30 Australia


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I am from Australia and am on day 22 of my first Whole30. It is going well. My hope is I will mainly stick the the eating plan after the 30 days, but I am realistic enough to know I won't be 100% compliant all the time :).


Hope it goes well for you both. It is good to read other people's blogs cos you realise you are not alone! :rolleyes:

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Thanks for the replies Kage an JGK.  Yay for doing your first whole30.  I'm super excited to go in and start round 3.  


I will start on the 28th of Jan.  That will bring me to the end of Feb. 

The reason for this particular date is:

  1. I will be back home 
  2. the kids will be back at school
  3. I will have a normal non holiday routine. 

In this round I really want to focus on nutrition for endurance (towards the end of the whole30 that is).  I have some endurance events coming up and want to work out what foods work for me. 


Surely there are more of us Aussies though. 

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