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The first of many changes!

Hannah Bee

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I am finally doing it!


I have read about the Whole30 and other whole foods diets many times, and I stuck with a healthy vegan diet for some time before I decided I liked (and my body needed) meat! For the past year, I have tried (unsuccessfully) to clean up my eating habits while living with my parents and going to college. Tomorrow is the day that my success story begins!


This coming summer will be filled with lots of changes for me: graduating from undergrad, getting married, moving, and starting medical school in a matter of 2 months. For me, the time for change has come and I'm so excited to see what the next 30 days has in store.


Currently I am about 120 pounds (about 10 over my goal/what I have found to be optimal for me) and I suffer from a serious sweet tooth and some persistent digestive problems. Lately I have also been feeling tired, sluggish, and in a haze.


I am determined to stick with what I KNOW is the best thing for my body for these 30 days. Prayers, encouragement, and tips are always accepted!



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