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Living in a closed country and trying to make work. Need help

Lindsey LeCroy

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Chicken hot dog

Three small (and I mean small) fresh eggs

1/4 yellow pepper


Salsa verde

Half cup coffee

Hot water with lemon before eating


Small green apple




Yellow pepper


Low sodium soy sauce

Frozen berries for tastey treat


Chicken in peanut sauce (just found out it has a little flour in it...a lady made it)

Peppers, onions and carrots

Four dates because I had a mad craving last night...I know, I know...

On Day 8 today (Wednesday)

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I'm sorry, but you hit the reset button on doing a Whole30 multiple times. First, the soy sauce. All soy is off plan for a Whole30. And it is important. Low sodium is meaningless. It is the soy that is the problem. And the peanut sauce. No peanuts in any form during a Whole30. They are legumes, as Melborne Girl noted. 


You are doing a lot of snacking. That suggests your meals are too small. When you are eating enough at meals, you should not need to snack. 


You might want to review some of these resources in more detail...


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