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Day 22 and feeling good!


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This is my 3rd Whole30 and I believe that this time I have really got it right.  On the past two occassions I was great about cutting out all the bad stuff but not so good about adding in enough of the good stuff in the way of fat and protein.  I don't struggle to eat enough vegetables as I love them but this time have been so much better about eating the right amounts of protein and fat.


My energy levels are so much better and I am no longer dozing off on the train on the way home and still have energy for some HIIT when I get in (yes I'm starting to understand this 'tiger blood' concept).  I'm loving the fact that I get to have home made mayo with most of my meals and really enjoying eating a variety of meats and offal.  This time round I am not getting hungry between meals and can last for a good six hours between breakfast and lunch.


Previously I've gone back to eating dairy after my Whole30 but don't intend to this time as it really affects my digestion.  At the moment I'm not really sure what I will re-introduce, probably just the odd square of dark chocolate.

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