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Imma give it my best shot! Day 1


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Hi all!

Today is my first day doing the Whole 30. In the short afterglow of a year long stint vegetarianism/veganism, I have found myself upon ill health - extreme fatigue, constipation, terrible adult acne (never in my life!), aches and pains, headaches, Candida, low stomach acid. Needless to say, feeling much much older than my 24 years of age.

After reintroducing meat in 10/13 and seeing a variety of alternative health care providers, I've seen some improvements in all aspects of health, but still not feeling as good as I know I can.

A friend of mine recommended trying the Whole 30 after her mother did it (also after being vegetarian), and had a lot of success.


Going gluten and dairy free will be painless, as I have already found I am sensitive to both of those. I suspect I have a number of other sensitivities, too - just awaiting results from testing. My challenge lies in avoiding sugar and chocolate. Now, I wouldn't classify myself as an addict - but I just love chewy fruity type candies. I will really need to strength my willpower as I work in a place with an abundance of unhealthy foods (read: warehouse full of free candy, chocolate, cookies and crackers). I 'talk' to myself, make myself a list all the time about why I am choosing not to eat these things, consequences, things I will do when I feel the urge, but I some how find myself mindlessly wandering back into the warehouse and bingeing like crazy...then feeling guilty and sick afterwards. What's worse is I find myself lying - to both myself and others about what I have done. Why do I keep doing this!

I am hoping that this forum will provide me with some motivation and accountability to keep eating clean. All support is welcome and greatly appreciated!

Yours in vitality,


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