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Emergency food-for kiddos

Robin Strathdee

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Hi all!

We just finished up a TGIF dinner at my house (hot dogs, mini bell peppers,carrots) after a long and cranky week of sugar detox (mom and dad, not the kids) and I got to thinking- I have several "emergency" foods that I keep close by for those times when I just can't get it together to cook.

Applegate farms uncured beef hot dogs (beef, salt, water and some spices)

Premade hamburger patties

Precooked chicken legs

Raw veggies like carrots, peppers, etc.

Salsa, guacamole and mayonnaise for dipping

What are some foods you keep on hand for those times when dinner needs to happen NOW?

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Organic applegate farms roasted turkey or chicken and roast beef wrap in lettuce and add bacon and or avocado--my kids love these.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Egg muffins

Apples, nut or seed butter, baby carrots and celery sticks, raisins

Scrambled eggs and Applegate Farms breakfast sausage

Veggie/Fruit smoothies made with coconut milk (could serve with the hotdogs)

Paleo pancakes with sausage, eggs or fruits...I made a triple batch this morning of silver dollar size ones and now have some in the fridge and freezer

I also keep a variety of organic frozen veggies in the freezer so I can warm on the stove and then top with duck fat or butter.

Hope this helps :)

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We've started really trying to get meals in the freezer that we can pull out for the five of us... last Sunday (it snowed, so was the perfect day) we cooked almost all day and ended up with two new meals in the freezer plus our dinner for that night. I joke about them being our "TV dinners" :D

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Every couple of months I make meatballs with veggies and sweet potato in them - a complete meal in each ball. I make a double batch and freeze them. They're just great to have around for my daughter. We also freeze egg muffins and those are great, portable snacks. She munches on them when we're at the park or the zoo.

I'm really good about bulk cooking, so there seems to almost always be some kind of leftover in the fridge. Every time we BBQ, we cook meats and veggies until the coals are out, for instance. I also do large crock pot meals at least once a week. We have dinner emergencies a few nights a week because my husband and I share a car, so we'll get home at 7 or 8 at night sometimes starving to death!

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CaseyD, I would also love the meatball recipe. My 6yo daughter is the meatball make in our house, but I bet she'd be willing to try them with veggies in them.

We typically keep on hand:

HB eggs

Ground meat-lamb is a favorite (kiddo loves it with garlic powder, salt, and a bit of crushed red pepper)

Homemade granola (from elanaspantry.com)

Tuna (canned- we just buy the big ones)

We use to keep cooked turkey or chicken on hand, but we are having a hard time finding grain free and we don't tolerate meat that has been fed grains.

We also have a variety of fruits and veggies on hand at all times.

I love the idea of keeping shrimp on hand, I just need to learn to cook it without making it chewy :)

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Oh, my daughter also loves avocados mixed with tomatoes as a snack.

And seeing as we are currently at the tail end of some seriously hot days, I made her some freezer pops by blending coconut milk and frozen fruit. I just filled up the pop molds and now she has a tasty, and healthy treat ready for her when she starts to overheat.

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