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Committing to the Whole30 - August 1st


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I'm committing to starting (and finishing) the Whole 30 starting in August. I made a half-hearted attempt at trying it out a couple months ago, but didn't get past the first day. This time, I've done my research, have the support of family and friends, and most importantly, purchased several pounds of sugar free bacon ;)

I've been eating mostly Paleo/Primal for the past several months, but in the last couple of weeks started to incorporate a lot of unhealthy foods back into my diet. It's time to clean up and start fresh, and I'm looking forward to this change.

I must confess that I'm a sugar addict, so I'm both nervous and excited (its been tough to beat the artificial sugar addiction, even with cutting out grains, legumes, and soy). I'm excited about today's announcement that Dallas and Melissa are offering daily support. It's just the thing of support that I'll need to get me through (especially the first couple of days).

It looks like several people are also starting, and I'm hoping to get (and give) tons of support over the next several weeks. If anyone is looking for a buddy or support, hit me up. Good luck to everyone on their journey!

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