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Pre Whole30 Snackers- How was your transition? (Day 2 Struggle)


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So I am sitting here in the afternoon of Day 2 with a mix of emotions… I am still slightly nauseated... Which started this morning after making myself eat about 1.5 hrs after waking up… I tried to eat within the hour recommendation however I could not fathom the smell of food, which has been normal for me. I have never been able to eat shortly after waking up… I made myself eat before leaving the house, since I knew that it would be a 45 min commute in to work today… I think that my cold crud that is causing drainage and a nasty cough may have contributed to the nauseated feelings this morning.


I am 3.5 liters of water in for the day which is good, that's more than my past normal of about 2.5 by this time of the day… The last liter was consumed before some hot tea when I first started to feel hungry…


I had (up until yesterday) eaten a morning and afternoon snack which usually consisted of a piece of fruit and a nut butter. Today I did not need the morning snack which was good, but was hungry for lunch at 11:30. However, it's now 2:30 and I am hungry and not sure that I am going to be able to make it until 5:30pm when I will be home from work and able to eat dinner.


I have an apple (always keep those at work since I am frequently in back to back meetings, so they are easy to grab on the run from one meeting to another) and a small packet of Whole30 compliant almond butter. Which I think I am going to break into here soon. So I was just curious for those whole are doing Whole30 or have done a Whole30, how long did it take you to figure out your meals so that you did not feel the need to snack?


Meal 1: 1/3 of my “scramble†that I cooked up yesterday for Meal 1 thru Friday with a banana with ½ tablespoon almond butter. Only had 8oz of coffee with coconut milk, which is about 20 ounces less than pre whole30. LOL, nausea did not sit well with coffee this morning. I am still dealing with post travel muscle cramps so I had the banana to help with potassium levels which have always been low for me.



2 tbl spoons coconut oil

1 pound ground beef

4 whole eggs

1 whole zucchini

1 whole sweet potato

½ onion

2 cups spinach


Meal 2: Fresh salad of ½ green pepper, 10 cherry tomatoes, 10 baby carrots, 1/3 cucumber, 4 stalks of celery, with 4oz of baked chicken topped with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar. (Yes, I counted since I was curious how much would fit into the mason jar I use for my lunch salads so that the salad does not get soggy.)


I am planning on leftovers for Meal 3. I made the Well Fed 2 Italian meat sauce which is in the freezer and sounds delicious with some pork and chicken meatballs over zucchini noodles since it is so cold here in NC today.

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Hmm. I'm on my third W30 and I still regularly have a small meal at around 4 or 5 pm if I am hungry (and then I eat dinner 3 -4 hours later). If you are hungry (rather than bored or whatever) then eat. But eat a balanced mini meal and look again at what you had eaten at the previous meal and up the protein and fat if you need to. Try to avoid nuts and fruit as snacks. I have no trouble getting from breakfast to lunch (about 5 hours) but the stretch between lunch and dinner (about 8 hours) is too long so I tend to have a mini meal after 4 hours. (A hardboiled egg or some chicken, with mayo, some cucumber and tomatoes and olives.)


If you are getting hungry then don't just wait it out. Eat some food -- a bit of everything -- and then try to get your portions right at your next meal (takes some learning as it is quite surprising how much food the body wants!).


Hunger for breakfast will come, especially if you eat dinner at around 5 or 6 pm.


Good luck!

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Semolina- That makes me feel much better. Yes, the stretch between lunch and dinner is def my longest stretch of the day.


Today was the first day of "at work" lunch so I had to pack it last night and think I under estimated what all I would need portion wise. So I will def step up the lunch portion tomorrow by adding in some Cauliflower and a crumbled hardboiled egg. 


Since I am adding a hardboiled egg to my lunch I can boil a few more and bring it in for an afternoon snack. Thankfully we have a fridge so if I do not need it, it will stay refrigerated over the weekend. 

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I've thought a lot about your post and the "battle" you are waging. One impression is that food is calling the shots in your life. What would change if you said - "I am the boss of my body and that includes what and how I eat."


At its most fundamental level, food is only a fuel for us (although we all know it can become much more than that - but the question might be whether we should allow it or not - and the answer is probably that we shouldn't.


I understand that you don't feel like eating first thing in the morning. OTOH, why not say I need something to get started and carry me through the morning. Simply get up, eat what is planned (or perhaps a smaller amount than planned, especially since you are adverse to eating first thing). The reality is that we all have enough body fat to carry us through multiple marathons so eating a bit less is not a problem in reality for anyone. 


When the feelings ofI am so hungry how will I get through until lunch (or dinner) hits you, go to the toilet (at work) and do a few deep knee bends and a few push backs against the wall - the further back you are the more difficult it is - or use the window sill if there is one - and then have a cup of bouillon (ideally home made but you may need to improvise) - and then if you still need it an apple. Bouillon has salt in it and when we increase our protein, we need a bit more salt. (Runners who are eating Paleo or Lo-Carb often do this before going out for a long training run.) The exercise (deep knee bends and push backs might well clear the gnawing feel for eating in themselves. But the point being, you want to figure out what goes into your body and say this is what is needed and this is what I am eating. If other thoughts arrive, change what you you are currently doing so your mind has something else to occupy it.


My first reaction to you salad is whether that was for a single meal or multiple meals?


In any case, take charge of what you are eating rather then "feeling" like your body is "demanding something or more of something". The "little vice" in our head tries on many things but the commanding voice in our mind gives the marching orders.


Hang in there - but you need to be in charge. Do you do any sort of fitness activities? The toning up of our bodies improves our self image and gives us greater personal control.

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Jimmie- I like how you think... I do believe that I need to work on focusing more on the fact that food is fuel and less on letting the food call the shots. I had no thought about trying some exercises in the bathroom. I will have to try that today, as that is definitely doable without getting any strange stares about taking so much time in the public bathroom. 


The salad was a single meal. I load all the salad goodies up in a mason jar with the olive oil and vinegar at the bottom so that I can prep them a few days before hand so that they are easy to carry into the office. I often practice yoga before work so it helps with the whole packing my lunch the night before. I added a bit more protien (6oz today 4oz yesterday) into my lunch box for today as well as a 1 1/2 cup of cauliflower for lunch. I did pack two hard boiled eggs as well for today. I am thinking that my lunch should be enough today since I added more food.


Fitness wise, I am an avid hot yoga lover. Due to the weather I have not been able to practice the past two days. I have a 10 min routine I go through here in the house when it is so cold. However, I am planning on going to a gentle flow class tomorrow morning as I am craving a good yoga class. I was out of town for the 5 days before my Whole 30 so I did not get to practice my yoga, but did get alot of walking in, San Francisco is good for that.  I am looking forward to see how my yoga practice changes during my whole30, 


Today I will work on reminding myself that I am in charge... :)

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Jimmie - the Bouillon and apple suggestion does not fit into the Whole30. I'm assuming when you say Bouillon you mean bone broth but if you mean like from the cubes these are nasty and usually have msg in them. Just add lots of sea salt to your food. Don't be afraid of salting. Fruit is an optional food to be included with a meal 1-2 times a day not eaten on its own. 

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Dear Physibeth -

n response to:

Jimmie - the Bouillon and apple suggestion does not fit into the Whole30. I'm assuming when you say Bouillon you mean bone broth but if you mean like from the cubes these are nasty and usually have msg in them. Just add lots of sea salt to your food. Don't be afraid of salting. Fruit is an optional food to be included with a meal 1-2 times a day not eaten on its own.


I take your point that this eating outside the eat 3 times per day and that the apple is therefore not allowed. I was taking on the fact that she is already having a mid-morning and mid afternoon snack of an apple plus Semolin's comment that she finds it necessary to have a late afternoon mini-meal but who also points out that stick with the foods allowed and work getting the portions/meal right and that the 3 x's day will fall into place. If you are going bananas over having hunger, will you stick the program? Maybe, mybe not.


However, I always have left overs from the cooking process so that one doesn't have to use bouillon cubes or powder. It is exactly the salt content that you can get from the salt in bouillon that gives one a 'pick-up' - whether you are going to exercise or are simply fatigued. It is a recommendation from Stephen Phinney and Jeff Volek that is aimed towards athletes who are following a similar diet (Low Carb) but who need also to consider added training demands. Perhaps it is not allowed here - or even a good idea, YMMV.


Sorry to have given bad information, but in any case, that was my reasoning.

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