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Day 3 of my first Whole30!


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Been trying to figure out a way to help myself get over my food issues.  I quit smoking years ago cold turkey, it worked well for me.  But food has always been hard for some reason.  I didnt need to smoke so it was a non issue, but I have to eat so I have always struggled.  It finally dawned on me recently that yeah, I have to eat, but I can "quit" the foods that aren't good for me - the ones that always cause me to "fall off the wagon" when I'm trying to change my eating... duh! Potato chips are not my friends... I can give them up forever like I did cigarettes.  So when I found out about the whole 30 I saw it as an opportunity to give up the stuff I don't need and I can honestly say  so far so good.  I have not had cravings or unpleasant side effects.  I feel good. I need to drink more water I think, but definitely staying satisfied between meals.  Sometimes I have a thought that I will get bored with whatever it is I am eating at the time, not sure why, but I brush it aside.  I roasted a stockpile of vegetables so I don't have to cook everyday. Same with my proteins.  I keep forgetting to eat fruit though. I don't like to eat fruit with anything else but I am forcing myself.  I guess it depends on the fruit though.  I had some applesauce with breakfast today and that worked out okay.  Anyway, I want to share my favorite quote because I will be repeating it to myself a lot...

"Nothing is impossible for the work itself says I'm possible" Audrey Hepburn.  And to all the others who are on the plan... well done keep it up! Peace---MJ

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