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What is this, some sort of MIRACLE?!


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I am at the end of day 16. Two weeks to go.

And I feel so, so good.


On about days 8 - 10 I felt like I was high on some sort of happy pill. I was floating around with a smile on my face, laughing, back to being the joyful and hilarious person I'd lost somewhere along the way!


Last month I was a crying, depressed, overweight MESS. My hormones were WHACK, and I was having serious, serious female issues. I also had headaches every day and had gained 12 pounds in less than two months. Something. was. WRONG.


Since starting my Whole30, I have myself back. And I'm only a little over 2 weeks in. I blame sugar for ruining me, but there is no telling what the culprit was, I'll find out when I start slowly reintroducing certain foods into my diet.


My headaches are gone. (I have only had 2 in the full 16 days, and I blame the first on a lack of sleep and eating some ham, which I know is not allowed but I was out of town, at the mercy of my hosts, in serious protein need. Next day = a hangover. Seriously? From a couple tiny slices of ham? Yeeeep. Sugar. Freaking sugar.)

After about the first five days I was suddenly feeling full, all day. I have never, ever, in my adult life felt satiated. Ever. And suddenly, I almost had to force myself to eat lunch and dinner a few days (thanks to eggs and veggies at breakfast). I even forgot to eat lunch twice (which I KNOW is a no-no and the complete opposite of what I'm supposed to do. I am the mother of toddlers, and I prepared their lunch then got busy. I didn't realize I hadn't eaten until I started preparing for dinner at like 6 that night. It was totally unintentional, and I am baffled.)

I am a HUGE, HUGE fan of Whole30, and I will keep up much of it for the rest of my life - but I'm not going to say that an occasional chip or cookie or ice cream scoop might happen, just not often, at all. I will also resume having a glass of wine here and there.... :)


Anyway, I cannot say enough how grateful I am I stumbled across this thing, and that all the info I needed was free. I cannot tell my friends and family enough about how wonderful I feel. (Granted, by day 16 I'm a bit tired and am fighting hard to keep on track. It takes 21 days to form or break a habit, so I'm shooting to feel great in 5 more days. I'm kind of over the whole thing, but I feel too great to stop!)

I also can't say enough to my friends on Paleo that this is SO MUCH MORE than Paleo! It is a complete mind transformation, not just body.


I cheated and weighed yesterday at the halfway mark (though I did not do this to lose weight, I was terribly curious and gave in. I started Whole30 to find out if I was going crazy because of something in my diet - which apparently I was). Seeing that I am down the TWELVE POUNDS I had put on has given me a grand, grand prompt to keep on keepin' on. I don't care if that number was water weight, redistribution, or anything else. Even if it goes up, I'm okay, because I know I am doing something wonderful for myself - the health of my mind and body and spirit - despite having to sometimes make NINE MEALS a day (my husband's job demands that I give him food I cannot eat, and my kids, though they're good sports, occasionally get mac n cheese or PB&Js). Now, if only I could make myself exercise! No gym anywhere, and these kids keep under my feet. I do try, every day. And I will keep trying, every day!

Thank you for making these materials free and accessible. I am seriously Whole30's newest, biggest fan. My life is changed!

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Awesome post :)


'Tiger blood' indeed.


Warning on re-introducing the cookies and such: You. Will. Feel. It.  Big Time.


I like Robb Wolf's suggestion of at least avoiding gluten, and have found, anecdotally, that this works for me.


One of my favorite occasional treats is Maranatha Almond Butter w/Coconut: http://instagram.com/p/jG5hRJyfQi/


3g of sugar per 2 TBSP (evaporated cane juice adds 1g to the otherwise standard amount of 2g for almond butter) but the creamed coconut makes it taste so sweet. It is about the upper limit of what I can handle, since I have no taste for high amounts of sugar anymore.


Congrats and good luck! :)

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