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Quick and easy Fish Curry


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Yummy! Just made my first ever fish curry - superb it was! I'm never too sure what to do with fish, but we bought a big pack of pollock fillets at the start of our Whole30 - it's been sitting, unloved, in the freezer for three weeks! Finally decided it was time to get to grips with it and found a great recipe for a paleo friendly fish curry.


I'm loving the fact that I'm forced to find new recipes and try new foods. I say forced - it's not that I'm being told to exactly, just that I was getting dangerously bored and frustrated with eating the same things all the time after three weeks!


Anyway, I've written up the fish curry on my blog, with a couple of amendments and suggestions to make it fully whole30 compliant.


Here: Paleo friendly fish curry recipe




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