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Testosterone replacement

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You're 23. It's the common practice to exhaust EVERY OTHER POSSIBLE SOLUTION before throwing a guy your age on HRT. Once you're on it, you're basically on it for life...and that _sucks_. What have you done to try to change your context between the 3 different tests? Have you changed anything? Did you do a W30 in between any of the tests? Are you currently doing a W30? How long between tests has it been? How's your stress? How's your sleep? How's your gut? How are your vitamin D levels (considering you're in the UK)? Did your doc test your thyroid function?

I'm not a doctor, nor am I a guy...so maybe my perspective is skewed...but if it were me, I would _really_ spend some serious time trying to find the root cause of the symptom, rather than covering it up with a long term band-aid like HRT.

I made some more detailed posts about the possible causes of low test over on Robb Wolf's forum. Some of the details may not be relevant to you, but here they are:




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my first test was 3.5, second test was 5.0 and as i stated 1.7. i have been dealing with alot of stress for the past three years and major anxiety with the causes being with food, body image and social. i have been trying to reduce stress and im also on meds to help with that which have helped but i never get a restful nights sleep and my digestion isnt great (FODMAPS and fructose malabsorption)

i have noticed increase in my body fat and now properly metabolically damaged and my gut isnt great either

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