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Whole30 first timer. I feel amazing, but the second I hit the weights, I feel like I haven't eaten in a week.


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So I'm on day 5 now and this is the third time I went to the gym and felt absolutely lethargic. I'm even lifting less weight and it's really irritating me. It's so bad, I feel like eating a pound of cereal before I workout. I'm actually having to decrease the weights because of my lack of energy. I lift weights 4x per week and sometimes do medium intensity cardio afterwards (30-45 minutes jogging, not sprinting). On the days In-between, I do high intensity interval training in the form of kickboxing for 1.5 hours.


No matter what I do, how much protein/fat/starchy carbs I eat throughout the day, before and/or after the gym, I can't kick the loss of energy and feeling weak.


So far this is sort of what my meals look like:


Supplements throughout the day: Multivitamin, Omegas (Salmon oil), Calcium/Vitamin D/Magnesium/Zinc



Morning: 1-2 pieces of bacon, 4-6 eggs, handful of spinach/tomatoes in an omellete


Snack shortly after: Coffee black or with almond milk, banana and/or orange. maybe some almonds


Lunch: 1-2 large chicken pieces or fast-fry steaks or pieces of tilapia (Can't afford salmon/ a lot chicken breasts), Large plate of baked vegetables or salad, sweet potatoes.


Snack: Similar to first snack, almonds, canned fish, avocado, berries


Pre-workout: The same omelette as I have for breakfast (If I'm too lazy to make anything else), banana and an orange.


Post-weightlifting, pre-cardio: 1.5 scoops of protein powder in a shake with almond milk or organic milk


Post-workout: Large meal similar to lunch


Snack before bed: Canned salmon, Sardines, any food leftover




Right now, I'm spending 3 times as much on food as I used to and I still can't afford to buy anything organic/grass-fed/no hormones/whatever, I eat an insane amount of "Good food" and don't know how much steak, vegetables and sweet potatoes I can fit in my stomach before working out. I have half the energy I used to and eating twice as much.


I also get plenty of sleep, drink tons of water throughout the day, Non-smoker, Non-drinker.


Any thoughts?

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Many people have low energy for a good two weeks. Your body is adjusting to a new fuel system. It takes time. The energy comes back higher than ever before. So basically, wait for it.


Now here is the bad news: Eating protein powder or organic milk hits the reset button on your Whole30. Protein powder may be the standard post-workout meal of most gym rats, but it is not okay during a Whole30. And hey, milk? Milk? It doesn't matter that it is organic. No dairy may pass your lips. 


Look these documents over carefully...


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