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Encouragement: Day 26


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So this is from a place of encouragement because I know I needed it a few days ago. I am on day 26 and it was only this morning that everything started to fall into place. Up until yesterday, I had raging headaches, bloated, felt fat and disgusting, could not sleep and then was sleeping for 12+ hours and felt exhausted. I wanted to murder people LIKE a tiger that discussed feeling Tiger blood. I hated cooking (I cannot or so I thought). My boyfriend even offered to start cutting up the veggies. I took me a bit before realizing he did that because he was afraid of me handling knives :).  I hated shopping. I hated cleaning. I hated the person that introduced me to Whole30. I can go on. (PS I did not cry once... because I was just ANGRY not sad lol).

This morning I woke up and did not feel all that bloated so I decided to try on a pair of jeans that I just put on once a week (last week I had to breathe in DEEP to get them buttoned. They fit... just a tiny bit loose.

This morning I woke up and spent an hour pre-cooking lunch and dinner and then made breakfast and I loved it.

This morning I went for a walk and did not even notice how cold it was. The sunrise was too beautiful. 

This morning I realized I slept for nine hours and it was a blissful sleep (chronic lack of sleep for YEARS)

This morning I posted a picture of the meal I made on facebook and 20 people liked it (mostly because they know I cannot cook). People that are my hero's when it comes to cooking asked ME for MY recipe.

This morning I sat down and did the math. It has been 15 years since I have gone 30 days without wine/beer or a mixed drink. It has been 20+ years since I have gone more than two days without (a minimum) 2-4 liters of diet coke almost every day.


Tiger blood? I do not know. I know I still need more time and I am going to continue past 30 days and aim for 45.  I am not quite sure why, my body just tells me I need a bit more time.  

This note is to myself on Saturday. The girl that flipped out in the middle of the grocery store (yep, me two thumbs pointing right at me) on Saturday because they were out of coconut milk and grassfed bison and ground beef. 


IT IS GOING TO TAKE 26 days for the good feelings to start creeping in. Tomorrow might be another tough day, but now you know what good feels like. Oh and the grocery store will restock the coconut milk and grassfed beef so stop causing scenes for the love of God.



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You are hilarious. Especially the part about handling knives : )


Thank you for posting this, I'm on day 1 and my sugar cravings are GNARLY. So I'm glad to see that even a grouch like you (and me!) can be successful.


Thank you! (I'm still laughing, you're a very funny writer)..

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Wow!!! you did it!!  I am on day 24 and have had some battles of my own - but my are petty compared to yours!! What great victories!!!   I have to keep my food cooked ahead also and spent 2 or 3 hours trying to find the right kind of coconut milk - just went with out - had found some almond milk that had all the right ingredients.  I use ice tea with lemon in it for my beverage or water - and after seeing the LaCroix grapefruit seltzer water shared on this forum - I looked for it and sometimes use a can of that for something different to drink.  Mostly I use the Ice tea or coffee or herb tea.  I like the sweet and spicey with peppermint tea added I cross 2 or 3 herb tea flavors to get new flavors.  I like that all food tastes so good to me now that I always think I won't like what I make (via the recipes in "it starts with food") and we end up loving them!!  Even my husband who has never liked vegetables eats what ever I make and even likes it now.  He's even eating squash and broccoli - now - wouldn't before.  I use to make sweet potato for me and white potato for him.  I am no longer having to make 2 meals.  It all feels good!!  and healthy!!!  Thanks for sharing your journey - it encouraged me!!! 

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