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Daily Emails - what's incuded?


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Are the daily emails motivation, quotes and etc. or are there meal / recipe ideas and etc? I'm not the cook in our house so for me to do the shopping, prepare my meals and etc. is where I feel i will need the most help or will be the biggest challenge.  Is there a sample email to view?  Thanks!

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Here's a day 4 sample: https://daily.whole9life.com/email_sample.html

The dailys are motivational emails that set your expectations for what to anticipate on a particular day, given past history of previous Whole30ers.


There are plenty of tips throughout this forum on shopping, meal prep, recipes, etc.  Search and have fun!

You may want to start here:
- Whole30 meal template: http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf
- Whole30 article on Meal Plan ideas: http://whole30.com/2013/07/whole30-meal-plans/
- Whole30 Meal Planning forum: http://forum.whole9life.com/forum/7-whole30-meal-planning/
- Whole30 Recipe Sharing forum: http://forum.whole9life.com/forum/25-recipe-sharing/

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They have all of the above , the first ones have things that are in the whole 30 book "it starts with food" - but it will have links you can go to - it does have an ability to go into the food list some time in first week.  Also it has recipes - I copy and paste to a word doc then print so I can take to my kitchen.  some of the e-mails have pictures which to print they are a lot of color ink - but I figure when it's helping me - I will use the ink.  I actually paid the 14.95 when I did my first whole 30 and am on my 2nd one and paid the $4.95 to get them again (I had saved most of first ones but liked getting them in my e-mail).  I felt they were worth it.  :)

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Those daily emails are truly awesome -totally worth the money! Aside from everything Chris mentioned, at the end of each email they ask you how you did that day, looks like this:


How did you do today?

Every day, we ask you, "How did you do?" If you ate clean, congratulations! If you didn't, we start the 30 days over again tomorrow.

At the end of your day, select one of the links below:

  • I did it! Another Whole30 day in the bank.
  • I made some bad choices today... let's start my Whole30 over.


​And you have to click one of the options. That helps a lot for accountability (and it's so exciting to see what you get with every day!). But the best part of it is the actual contents, priceless.

I highly recommend signing up!

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