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Whole30-ing Together


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My husband agreed to go through the Whole30 with me from January 1st.....so far it has been a really amazing road trip together!! I had him take the scale to his office so I would have absolutely no access to it....SO hard! But in reality, that has been an amazing part of this journey, not needing the scale which has ruled my life and thrown me into so many manic-depressive moments in the past! Can you relate?!

Neither of us has had any issues with cheating or going off-plan, but I did start out with the first half of the month giving me GI problems....hemmoroidal issues, diarrhea issues, until I took a magnesium supplement.

We are on day 27 and yesterday at church we got a lot of comments on how much people are noticing the changes!! I can't wait to weigh in on Friday!! Eek!!

My clothes went from way too tight, (at 5'8" and 195) to comfortable, to now getting a little baggy! My hubby looks great! all those muscles are showing up again as the belly and extra layers disappear. He is 5'9" and started at 193. I'm sure he will see better results than I because of his muscle mass.

We are sleeping way better at night, my itchy dry skin is gone, joint aches are gone, nails growing in nicer, very frequent headaches are gone, back pain is almost nonexistent.....I can't imagine going back!

He is struggling with thinking about the foods he wants to go back to, and I am the monster that is making him commit to going through February with me...adding in walking and allowing some light dairy, I.e. Feta, etc!

Don't give up! This Whole30 has been such a blessing and I am so thankful that it is shared for free with those who really need it. That is what drew me here....the fact that it is real hard truth about the way we eat rather than a get rich quick scheme.

Thank you Whole9!!!


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So after my post a couple days ago, I started reading posts about people's successes, and now I am really afraid to weigh in tomorrow! My husband did this for health and I did this for health and for some really good weight loss, as I needed to lose about 50#. It seems that more often than not people say they didn't lose at all, or they lost an average of around 10#. I am so afraid to step on the scale because if I don't see a huge change after thirty days, I'm afraid I will face a lot of discouragement!

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