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Portion Sizes


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I have been Paleo for over a year, but started adjusting my eats after reading It Starts With Food. In the past, I experimented with intermittent fasting (24 hour fast once/week) and a fasting/feeding period (12PM - 8PM daily). But after reading more about hormones and seeing blood work that shows that my cortisol levels are elevated, I decided to start eating breakfast, stop fasting and stop snacking. Since doing this, I have gained significant weight. By significant, I mean that my pants don't fit anymore. My workout clothes are uncomfortably tight and they are lycra!

I figured this could have something to do with my portions. I always ate large amounts of food, but when it was only two meals/day and a post-workout snack, my body managed the calories. I haven't adjusted my meal sizes since adding in breakfast and I am consuming a lot in the morning as well. All foods I am eating are Whole30 compliant. I am typically very full (but not uncomfortable) after meals. Could it be overconsumption causing this?


5ft 8inches

155lbs (maybe more now that my pants don't fit)

Big Palms for measuring foods (I literally measured my palms for you): 3.5in x 4in

Example of daily intake:

1.5c cucumbers w/ 3T homemade mayo

1c paleo curry chicken salad (chicken, curry, coconut oil, mint, apple, raisins, almonds)

12 oz coffee

5oz turkey meatloaf (ground turkey, egg, salsa, onions, red pepper, hot sauce)

1 small sweet potato - about 3/4c

1c sauerkraut

1 pecan pie Larabar - I hungry and needed a quick snack!

2.5c paleo pasta (zucchini noodles + chicken + tomatoes + kalamata olives sauteed in EVOO)

tea w/ 1/3c coconut milk

I would call the day above a "light veggie" day as I aim to get a minimum of 6c/day.

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