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Am I on track?


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Hi, I'm on Day 15 of Whole30 and I've been feeling pretty good. I'm not sure if I've been eating enough food although I feel totally fine and I'm never denying myself food. I just feel like my jeans are getting baggy too quickly. Here is my food log for the past 3 days.


Day 13:

Breakfast: 3 pork sausages, red peppers, onion, 2 eggs.

Lunch: Chicken salad w/ hardboiled egg

Dinner: Broccoli, Sweet potatoes, onion, chicken

I had a fruit cup with pineapple, apple, grapes, mango, and banana and sunflower seeds after lunch.


Day 14:

Breakfast: 2 pork sausages, 2 eggs, 1/2 cup of mushrooms.

Black coffee, sunflower seeds.

Dinner: Side salad, burger w/ mushrooms, onion, lettuce, tomato. 


Day 15:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, onion, 1/2 avocado, black coffee, fruit cup

Dinner: 1/4 cabbage, 1/2 onion, 2 carrots, 1/4lb beef, 1 pork sausage, 1 egg.


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Do you have a copy of the meal template?


It is hard to tell how much you are eating at some of those meals. Here are my observations:


- Are your sausages free of sugar and other additives?

- Day 13's first meal looks light on vegetables but hard to tell, did you have any vegetables at meal 2? Don't let fruit push vegetables off your plate.

- Day 14 and 15 are missing a 2nd meal. Please don't skip meals as it keeps you from getting the nutrition you need.

- Day 14's first meal could have had more vegetables and Day 15's had no vegetables.

- On Day 14 was the black coffee and sunflower seeds a snack or part of your meal 1? 

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My sausages are free of sugar and additives, I made sure before I got them. 

Day 13 I had one whole red pepper and a whole onion for breakfast and that was the first day I had fruit while I've been on whole30 because I thought I wasn't getting enough carbs. Meal 2 on Day 13 had celery, onions, and avocado. 

On Day 14/15 I didn't eat a second meal because I wasn't hungry at all and I didn't want to force myself to eat food if I wasn't hungry. The black coffee and sunflower seeds were part of my first meal on Day 14. I wasn't at home this weekend so the veggies were light for those morning meals on Day 14 and 15 but I usually include more veggies in my meals (they usually look like the 3rd meal on day 15). 

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Sounds good. The only thing I would say than is not to skip meals even if you are not hungry. You should play with your portions until you can comfortable eat 3 template meals every 5-6 hours starting within and hour of waking. Usually for my 2nd meal if it has been 5 hours and I still don't feel hungry I eat anyway and when I start I usually find I am hungry enough to eat. 

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