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Not losing..patience or changes?


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I am on Day 21 of my Whole 30. Positives first, I am feeling good!  I am sleeping great, have more energy, severely reduced cravings, and my skin looks great!  And I am really happy about all of that.  However, I had my 3rd baby 7 months ago and I have 35 lbs to lose and I am getting really discouraged.  I did a Whole 30 before my last pregnancy to help with insomnia and had the fabulous side effect of losing that "last 10 pounds" .   I felt great, really great, and just happened to get pregnant the next month(after trying for 14 months).  So I am a huge believer in Whole 30 but am starting to really get frustrated with not losing ANY weight so far.   I am especially shocked because I was eating so poorly to my Whole 30...cookies, ice cream, wine, and snacking on cereal at late night feedings.  I really thought once I jumped on board with this I would see some results.


I am definitely going to stick with the Whole 30 and continue eating in this style after in ends because I do feel so great.  But just wondering if there is anything I am doing wrong that is stalling the weight loss.  So here is what I eat on a daily basis....


Meal 1:  at least 2 cups of veggies cooked in 1 T of coconut oil,  3 eggs cooked in the same oil I used on veggies.  Coffee with 1 T of Kerrigold( I know this is not Whole 30 but I never had a problem with it effecting my sleep or energy after my first Whole 30 so I kept it in for this one...could this be an issue?)


No snacking...which is crazy amazing for me!


Meal 2:  salad with tons of veggies, and a palm size of protein(either leftovers, deli meat, or tuna, and bacon), 2 T of olive oil and 1 T balsamic.   1/2 avacado


No snacking..again amazing for me but I do have another coffee with 1T of kerrigold between 1 and 2 on most days.


Meal 3:  At least 2 cups of veggies and 1 or 2(mostly closer to 2 palm size serving of protein) using recipes for Clothes Make the Girl and Well Fed etc.  So most are prepped with 2-4 T of fat.  


After dinner I have a small apple with 2 t of sunbutter


I am drinking water...between 80-100 oz a day and am exercising not much but I wasn't at all before my Whole 30.  I do 2x  40 minute walk/runs and 2x yoga DVD each week.  


Oh yes, and I am not breastfeeding.


Anything you can see I should change or do I just need to be patient this time around?

Thanks so much!


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Subsequent Whole30s can be very different for folks.


Meals look good. The apple/sunbutter  - if that's immediately after dinner, ok. If it's a later snack, better to have a protein and fat mini meal (also ensure the sunbutter is sugar free).


The fact you're having Kerrygold makes what you're doing not a Whole30. Whether it's impacting your weight is unclear. And yes, no weighing yourself or taking measurements while on a Whole30.  :)


Why not clarify the Kerrygold - that would get you to compliance. Or call it a modified Whole30.

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Kudos on the not snacking! That's something I'm working on myself. 


As a side note, nearly all bacon and deli meats (even "natural" or uncured ones) have sugar added. Hope you're reading your labels carefully on those. Also, check your tuna label. Sometimes even the stuff packed in water has soy added. 


Re: the bigger question, I found the amount of weight I lost easily vs. with a lot of effort variable for each of my two kids. I could not even begin to tell you what the difference was about--hormones? There's also the issue that we're older each time we have a subsequent child, and boy does aging seem to impact how much food I need. Just guesses!

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Thanks everyone, After doing some more detective work I do need to lose the deli meat and bacon.  Good news is a new butcher just opened in town and I may be able to get some bacon there that is compliant.  The sunbutter was all good and I do have it right after dinner.  I will check out clarifying Kerrygold.  

I really do think hormones have a lot to do with this but I will tighten up and try again.  Also, I forgot to add I just weaned off an anti-depressant.  Ever hear of anyone having trouble losing because of that.  So many variables, but the bottom line is I do feel great.  So I know it is the right way to eat for me.  


Thanks again!

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aj, here is a good tutorial for ghee (similar to clarified butter, just allowed to cook a bit longer): http://www.everydaymaven.com/2013/how-to-make-ghee/


I'm on my third W30 and for some reason, I never made ghee until now. I think I was overwhelmed by the idea of it, for some reason. But it was really easy, and great to have around for cooking (rather than using olive oil which really shouldn't be subjected to high heat) and for putting on sweet potatoes - delicious!

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