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Whole 30 - Day 6


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I haven't been logging for the Whole30 but thought I'd try it today. This is about what I've eaten most days this week with some variation in recipes.

Pre-workout: hard boiled egg

Workout: high intensity circuit on TRX

Post-workout: banana, hard boiled egg

Lunch: Paleo taco salad (1/4 lb. lean beef, lettuce, 1/4 avocado, tomato, green onions, lime juice)

Snacks: pepinos con chile (1/2 cucumber with fresh lemon juice and cajun seasoning - no msg), orange, 5-10 macadamia nuts, 1/4 c. coconut milk

Dinner: Whole30 Veggie Spaghetti and marinara sauce, sauteed greens (collard, kale, etc.) in EVOO on side, sometimes an extra veggie depending on farmshare

One thing I incorporated the past couple of days was some all natural fruit leather. I think this threw me off - I found myself craving it so maybe it actually has added sugar somehow (though it says it doesn't). So I'm not buying it anymore.

Also had 1/4 c. papaya juice mixed with water and salt on my long run day last Sunday and a couple of days this week when I felt dizzy. Started adding more salt when cooking since I usually don't. A couple of days I have felt really rundown especially days I work out so I've added an extra banana in the evening. My goal is to work on limiting fruit over the next week.

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It looks like you need to increase protein and probably fat at every meal. You may be small, but 2 eggs as pre-, post-workout and breakfast is way too light. And a vegetarian supper! Your dizziness may be from your body starving. This is the Whole30. Eat!

Fruit leather is a highly processed food and not okay during a Whole30. If it doesn't grow on a tree or bush, it ain't real fruit.

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Here's what I've worked out for a day with a moderate (7mi) run:

3 eggs

2 pc bacon

roma tomato

green onions

couple oz. mango juice mixed with water and salt

1/2 cucumber w/ 1/2 lime squeeze and a little chipotle pepper

2 serving pitted dates

can of tuna


green onions

white wine vinegar

on bed of lettuce

1/2 oz. coconut milk


2 hard boiled eggs

6 oz chicken thigh cooked in its fat with sage, rosemary and lemon

1/2 cucumber sliced in white wine vinegar (or greens)

few roasted beets in EVOO

large baked yam


1/2 oz. coconut milk

Feel like I'm eating too much fruit/sweet. But I got a good dose of tough love on another forum about upping fruit instead of considering reintroducing grains or some other form of carb to keep up with the calorie burn of marathon training. I love the pitted dates and they are good fuel on long runs (just once a week) but I find that I crave them and want to eat a bunch of them.

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