How not to be "pressured" at parties?


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My husband's football team is having an international friendly match and there will be a big booze celebration after the game with lots of bar food.  Everyone will be snacking and drinking and I am usually very happy to join in these type of parties but not now that I am on my whole30.  I hope I can avoid all the drinks and food, the whole event will be from 4pm to 11pm so I am planning on eating a big breakfast and lunch and maybe a very late dinner.  


Does anyone have any tips on how to enjoy such a party?  How not to be tempted or "pressured"?  

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1 - get a glass of sparkling water and keep your hand busy with it

2 - practice "No thank you" followed by changing the subject

3 - repeat #2 as often as possible. Also be ready with "why would you question my choices as an adult?" if someone gets really annoying.


As the Etiquette Hell Dame often says, you just have to polish that spine and be ready to use it. People who try to push things on you are NOT considering your health or wellfare and are really just being childish.

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I would suggest bringing your own Meal 3 with you as well if this is not a restaurant event. If it is see if you can work with the servers to get a compliant meal 3.


I agree with Sarah.


My other line that I've thankfully not had to use yet but have it ready if I do ever need it is "why are you bullying me?" I have this in my pocket to use after the 3rd time I've had to say no to the same person about something. It will get their attention. 

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