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So Many Food-Cheating Dreams!

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So this is my first Whole30 and I have very high hopes to fix a lot of food-related issues I have had for the last 3 years, as well as create a healthy relationship with food in general. I think because it is my first go at this and I am SO determined to finish that my subconscious is taking it out on my dreams! 


Every single time I fall asleep I have a dream where I cheat with some random unapproved food. Granted I'm only on day 3, but my "I just want to nap" phase came early so I had an extra dream today. The strangest part is, I don't crave any of these foods during the day! I have dreamed about chex mix, a chicken pesto sandwich, cheez its, and then during my nap today: string cheese, chips and salsa, and a pudding pie all in one meal. Gross! Of course when I wake up I realize it was all just a dream, but during most of these I have the worst guilt and feel horrible for not being able to finish the challenge.


Has any one else had these frequent vivid dreams? Did they stop for you eventually?

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