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Amy's Whole 30 Log- AIP (starting Feb 1st)


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I am excited to be starting my first AIP Whole30.  I've got plans to make the following recipes from the The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook by Mickey Trescott: Citrus-Thyme Pot Roast, Beef and Butternut Stew, Rosemary Shredded Beef Skillet.


I can't wait to start.  I plan to do this right.  No weighing myself, no tracking calories, and no added sugar.  The added sugar part has always been the hardest part about my last whole30s because sometimes I just don't feel like making compliant ketchup... but enough laziness.  It's only 30 days, right?  After that 30 days I can decide whether or not I want to indulge in sugary condiments again!  Maybe during this process I'll figure out a healthier substitute!


Practice food logging to commence tomorrow!  Unfortunately I cannot start my AIP compliant Whole 30 until Feb 1st because I still have leftover paleo shepherds pie (from well fed)...not compliant unfortunately.


A little bit of my history
1.  First whole 30 lasted 2 weeks.  Cheated and then experienced horrible stomach pains/gastrointestinal issues...
2.  Continued paleo but stuck to 80/20 for birthdays & celebrations
3.  Second whole 30 in January didn't go as I wanted.  A few days in I got the most horrible, roll-on-the-floor-and-die headache.  It made me eat sugars, natural sugars but still sugars.  For the remainder of my whole 30 I was too scared to be in that much pain again, so I stuck to natural sugars only.  That was my "transitional" whole30.  This is the real one!  Here I go!
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Day 0- Practice Food Log


Today I feel tired.  I have SLE/lupus, but I'm not sure if that's it.  I'm hoping this Whole30 will teach me how to eat better for my body to have more energy.


Today I ate

M1: Sweet potato soup (w/coconut milk, veggie broth, spices, and chicken)

M2: Large salad (w/ romaine lettuce, paleo mayo (NOT AIP), and chicken)

M3: Well Fed Shepherds Pie


I snacked a little bit in the evening.  I had blueberries, raw almond butter, and homemade applesauce.  My goal is to exercise in the evening...hopefully this will motivate me to eat larger meals so I don't snack at night/evening time.

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Today is Day #1 of my February Whole 30.  I'm so excited!  I'm going to take a picture of my face and a full-length body photo so I can see the difference.  I don't have any problems with acne, but I do have dry-ish skin and sometimes dark circles.  


My starting weight is 166.


My starting measurements (2/02/2014)

Waist 30 

Hips 39.5

"Waist" At Belly Button 36 

Full Bust 36.5  

Thickest part of Thigh 23


 I hope to see improvements in:

- Energy

- Dark circles

- Less mood swings

- More focus

- Weight...but as long as I don't gain I won't be disappointed.  I'm doing this for health.  If this month doesn't work out for weight loss, next month I'll try to improve my exercise regimen.


M1: Sweet Potato & Basil Soup with added leftover chicken (paleoomg)

M2: Salad- chicken, romaine lettuce, dressing (3 tbsp mixture of extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon)

M3: plan to have Citrus-Thyme "Pot Roast" but really I'm just going to throw some ground beef into the slow cooker with the rest of the stuff (Parnsips, Carrots, Spices, Broth, Vinegar) and see how it turns out (this recipe is from The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook)

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Day #5 and I am feeling very happy, healthy, and focused on my goal.

For some reason, I did not experience the sugar withdrawl headache this first week... I tried to do a strict Whole 30 in December, and then again in January, but the headache was soo bad.  I'm glad I decided that January should be my "transition month"- I stuck to all Whole30 rules except for natural sugars (I included honey & maple syrup occasionally).  This month, so far at least, even though I cut out those natural sugars listed- no headache!  I'm loving this!  


Meals this week have been:

Sweet Potato & Basil Soup (paleomg.com) with shredded chicken (and sometimes half a grapefruit immediately after)

Salad with Chicken and Balsamic Vinegar/Olive Oil dressing

Citrus and Thyme Pot Roast (autoimmune paleo cookbook)- except that I subbed ground beef for the roast- so it's like a meaty casserole. (Then sometimes I'll have 1/2 to 1 cup of frozen organic blueberries)


I've exercised every day.  Feb 1,2,3, and 5th I have done 30 day shred

Feb 4th I was doing some heavy lifting at work carrying equipment around


I love to exercise in the morning, and I feel like I'm starting to do better at waking up earlier.  I still need to work on going to bed earlier because sleep is a priority during my whole30 so I can feel all of it's benefits.

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Day #6  

I have an awful runny nose and sneezing today.  I really thought I was going to get through the whole winter without any cold symptoms.  And I just started eating grapefruit every day a few days ago- I thought the Vitamin C would just make my immune system that much stronger!  Oh well!


M1: Sweet Potato & Basil Soup with Shredded Chicken 

M2: Citrus and Thyme Beef w/ Parsnips and Carrots, Romaine Lettuce Salad with Chicken and Balsamic Vinaigrette, Half a Grapefruit


I have eaten all of that and it's only noon.  I was really hungry today.  For supper I'll probably have more Sweet Potato Soup.


Exercise: Did 30 day shred this morning.


Goal for the rest of my whole 30- only tea after dinner (no snacking on fruit)

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Day #7

Definitely sick.  Snot is drooling out of my nose.  It will just drip and keep dripping like I've sprung a leak.  I've never had a runny nose like this before that I remember.  I've mostly gotten colds that I'm completely stuffed up and it's not thin/clear stuff like what I have right now coming out of my nose.  Okay, I know... enough with the TMI.


I'm kinda hungry.  Well, actually REALLY hungry. I think I didn't have enough protein with my lunch.  It's the last day before my cook-up so I was running short on prepared meat.  And since I'm doing AIP- eggs are out...so here I am starving.


My days have consisted on eating the same things- sweet potato/coconut milk/chicken soup, romaine lettuce/chicken/olive oil and vinegar dressing salad, and ground beef with parsnips& carrots.  

Today I have to determine what all I am making for my cook-up tomorrow.  I know I'm making a pot roast... but the veggies, and other meals= ???

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Day #11


Yesterday I started eating Cauliflower Soup (puree) with added shredded chicken breast.  Okay, so I've been having soup for breakfast for probably at least 4 weeks now (sweet potato soup)- and it's been heaven.  I decided to switch it up and try other AIP compliant soups.  I didn't follow the Well Fed 2 recipe that I wanted exactly because all I had was two 16oz bags of frozen cauliflower.instead of 1 fresh head.  So I thawed the a little, diced them up in my food processor/blender, and then put the diced carrots, cauliflower, coconut milk, broth, and spices into my slow cooker.  I used the recipe from Well Fed 2 (except omitted anything that wasn't AIP compliant- she has an index in the back of the book that says what ingredients to omit from each recipe for AIP compliance).  And obviously I didn't do any "skillet" work/preparations here... 


My cauliflower soup is smelly and doesn't taste great (more like fine/almost good). I'm not sure if Melissa Joulwan's soup is smelly, but mine is.  It might be how I prepared the cauliflower (no prep at all- just dumped in slow cooker), or it could be that caulflower just smells nasty.


Food log for Day #10


M1: Slow Cooker Cauliflower Soup/Puree with added shredded chicken

M2: Romaine Lettuce, Balsamic Vinegarette (homemade- about 2-3 tablespoons EVOO, 1-2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar, and a few drops of lemon juice), and chicken breast....

I also had a fruit smoothie right after lunch.  Not something that I would normally do on a Whole 30 but I made it for my daughter and she didn't like it so I downed it.  It contained blueberries, banana, avocado, a tiny amt of apricot nectar (a weird combo but I wanted to use what we had on hand.  It tasted good but not great by any standards).  Definitely hasn't affected my cravings (I have had almost none this entire time!)

M3: Beef Stew Provencal from Well Fed 2.  Totally my favorite stew everrr (so far).  I love stew so I plan on trying more recipes.

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