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True emergency food


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Due to the craziness in Atlanta the past 36 hours, I've started thinking about keeping food and water in my car for emergencies. (2 inches of snow, everyone let out of work/school at the same time, traffic jam, salt trucks couldn't get out on the roads, people stuck in their cars overnight or longer.)


So I know there are foods that we turn to for little food emergencies (OMG HUNGRY = larabar or compliant beef jerky).


Anyone have suggestions for nonperishable/less perishable foods that will provide a mini meal (or complete meal) if you're stuck somewhere without power? Whether it's on the interstate because you ran out of gas, or power went out and you can't cook, or tornado, or whatever -- those true emergencies that we don't plan for but can try to anticipate.


I was thinking of the following:

larabars and beef jerky (of course)

tuna in pouches (anyone know offhand of a brand that makes tuna in pouches without soy?)

dried fruit

dried veggies / veggie chips

coconut flakes


What else could you keep in your car or home for those true emergencies?

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RX bars http://rxbar.com/ Yawp bars http://www.yawpeats.com/ Chicken pouches, freeze dried vegetables and fruits, Almond butter single serving pouches. You could also get some dried eggs but you would have to have a way to heat water in your emergency kit. These Ova Easy eggs from honeyville grain are compliant. http://shop.honeyville.com/products/freeze-dried-food-storage/dried-dairy/ova-easy-whole-egg-crystals.html

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Ever since Hubz was caught in the 6 hour traffic jam when the Air Florida flight hit the 14th street bridge in DC, he carries a small cooler with two small frozen water bottles he reuses as ice packs. He always has V8 juice, fresh fruit, veggies like baby carrots.


I love EPIC meat bars. Bison, Turkey, Beef. The Bison has a teeny amount of sugar in the bacon used in them, so not Whole30 compliant but save those for after.

Turkey, Almond & Cranberry bar: 6g fat, 9g carb, 14g protein.


RX Bars are great too, made of dates and egg whites, it's on the sweeter side though less than LARABARs.

Coffee Cacao: 10g fat, 33g carb, 15g protein.


Wild canned sardines in water (or olive oil). Actually REALLY tasty. I take them whenever I travel.


Snack mix of macadamias, coconut flakes, a little dried or freeze-dried fruit.

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