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First Whole 30 and first steps into paleo eating


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I have just started the Whole 30 program, thought I'd see if it would help me overcome my sinus issues that i have for over 20yrs! And i wanted to see how the paleo lifestyle would suit me.


I am on Day 4 of the program, I feel fine but my brain is a litte foggy. Find it difficult to concentrate?

Anyone else felt the same this early in the program? Not sure if it is because I am not eating enough when i have my meals...


Any advice or tips would be appreciated :-)



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Being a little foggy is normal during the first week or two. You might want to review the timeline for how things go for many people: 


Many people do not eat enough during a Whole30 because they think calorie restriction helps with weight loss. It actually can interfere with weight loss. To make sure you are eating enough, be sure to eat at least the minimum recommended in the meal template guidelines:
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Thanks for all the advice & support :-)


Good idea Chris :-)


Here is what i ate for the past 3 days, all meat is palm size where i could measure. Some like the pork roast was stringy and loose, so it was a guess. And i do try to fill the inner circle of my plate with veggies..perhaps not enough..:


Day 1:

Meal 1= 2 x Egg muffins (Had some veggies in them)

Meal 2= Chicken breast with stir fried veggies and 2 teaspoons homemade mayo

Meal 3= Pork Roast with roasted veggies with 1 Tablespoon pork gravy

1/2 cup black coffee


Day 2:

Meal 1= 2x Egg Muffins

             1/2 cup black coffee

Meal 2=Pork Roast with Roast Veggies, 1/4 tomatoe

Snacked= 2 x Egg Muffins

Meal 3= Chicken breat with stir fried veggies and 2 teaspoons mayo

              1 cup black coffee


Day3 (I had meal 3 late, which is why i snacked inbetween:

Meal 1= 2x Egg Muffins, 1x Boiled Egg

             1 cup black coffee 

Meal 2=Chicken breast with stir fried veggies and 2 teaspoons mayo

             1 cup black coffee

Snacked= 1/4 cup green peppers and a little mayo as a dip

                 1 cup black coffee

Meal 3= Pork Roast with green beans and mushrooms and 1 teaspoon mayo

              1 cup black coffee



Meal 1= 3 x scrambled eggs with spinach, mushroom & green pepper, 1/2 Avo

             1 cup black coffee

Meal 2= Pork Roast with a small salad and baby carrots

             2x plums

             1 cup black coffee

Meal 3= Tuna salad with 2 Tablespoons mayo, 1/2 Avo

              1 cup black coffee


So what do you think?

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Overall, things look good.


Some thoughts:

- are you having carb-dense veggies daily? Sweet potato, winter squash, beets, carrots, jicama, plantains, rutabaga, parsnips. That could help with your energy, especially if you have them at breakfast.
- more veggies might be helpful. The meal template equivalent is 1-3 cups per meal.  I wonder if you're getting even a cup's worth of veggies when you have the egg muffins?
- are you staying sufficiently hydrated? Aim for drinking water, in the amount of at least half your body weight, daily.

- if you are hungry in between meals, have a mini meal containing a protein and fat.

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No, my veggies are mostly cabbage, green beans, mushrooms, (red/green/yelllow) peppers, zucchini, broccolil or cauliflower.


I will include more carb dense veggies.


With regards to the egg muffins, no there are about 2 cups of veggies divided by 8x egg muffins


So I will increase my veg intake as well, and see how that goes.


Thanks for the advice!

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Just wanted to report back, I am still going strong. I am on Day 25, got 5 more days to go.


I started this program for a couple of reasons:

1. To see if I could get off my sinus meds for Chronic sinusitis,

2. I was curious about the paleo lifestyle, I wanted to start eating healthier foods.

3. I have been focussing on exercising but not what I was putting in my mouth which is the most important part!


So far, I am really enjoying the food that i am eating. I am not a sweet toothed person, so it was easier for me to do this program cause

I did not have any sugar demons to battle. But that is not to say i did not have any challenges during this program, I had friends over for cake and tea and I wanted to indulge in one lil cupcake :'(...But I didn't!


The other challenge for me was increasing my veggie intake, i struggle to eat lots of veggies! On this program it has forced me to think of ways to cook veggies that would be appealing and I also found out what veggies I like.


After the program I might reintroduce some of the stuff back but honestly I can actually live without it. What I will do is indulge myself when I think it is worth it....hopefully I will not fall off the wagon too much but I can always do another Whole30 to cement in the good habits!


This program is really working for me, I sleep better, I am not excessively tired when i wake up or at the end of the day, I have more energy. Amazingly my blood sugar levels are so stable, it seems wierd! I am so used to the Blood sugar rollercoaster ride that I have been on, I thought that was normal!


And (saving the best for last) I went off my sinus medication last week friday! My sinuses niggles a little but nothing a nasal spray can't handle, which is pretty amazing. Usually after a day off my meds, I would be woman down..sneezing continuously..puffy eyes..not able to function at all!


So I am really thrilled at this, I have been on meds since 1994!


Well I will report back results of weight/measurement loss on Day 31, quite keen to see those results. Not expecting a lot of weight loss, as I have not gotten back into my workout routine yet.


Hold thumbs that I don't have to go back on my meds anytime soon.....

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Ok so i have completed my first whole30 and i am still off my meds yay!

I have lost 2kg (I am actually closer to my pre-pregnancy weight), measurement wise i lost 5.5cm off the hips and 1cm of the waist.

I have started getting into my workouts a couple of days ago, I am able to push myself harder. I feel as if I have energy to get rid off.

I am going to continue eating according to the program but with some minor adjustments.

I don't miss grains and don't intend to reintroduce it.

I am really glad that my brother recommended this program to me, it has helped me heal an issue that I have had to treat with medication for the past 20yrs!


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