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30 of us starting tomorrow!

Delaine Ross

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Hey! I'm Delaine.

Tomorrow, my gym (Condition Kettlebell in Atlanta) is starting our semi-annual Fat Loss Challenge and this time we are using the Whole 30 as guidelines. Everyone is reading "It Starts With Food" - love it!

I've been grain, dairy, and legume free for over a year, but where I struggle (as a single business owner who networks a ton) is alcohol and seed oils/hidden added sugar in foods prepared at restaurants. For example, I thought I had a safe haven in smoked wings at a local restaurant but found out they deep fry them before they are served. Boo....

I am excited and terrified at the same time! We have a before and after hydrostatic body fat test so no scales in the month but measurable results wil be taken!

Happy to be in the company of such great people!

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