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Socialising on Whole30


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One of the qualms I hear about people debating the Whole30 or those on Whole30 complaining about is socialising and the plan making it near impossible to. I wanted to weigh in and hopefully give reassurance to those in doubt. Even though food & drink has become a big part of socialising, it is not the only reason to meet up. If your friends really want to meet you, they'll understand that you don't want to eat out; they'll understand while you have a lengthy discussion with the waiter about your options; they'll understand that you would rather meet them for a cup of tea or coffee instead of a meal or a glass of wine.

That being said, effort also needs to be taken by us Whole 30-ers. Fortunately we are living in a generation where intolerances and menu customisations are increasingly common. If you can, call up the restaurant beforehand and explain your situation. I've done that twice since I started just to make sure about the ingredients used and fortunately both meals ended up being completely compliant. Alternatively lead by example: offer to cook your loved ones a meal at home so that they can see that you are eating delicious food even though the plan may come off as restrictive. One night I called a couple of friends over and cooked up coconut chicken curry, steamed greens tossed in sesame oil, a rocket/strawberry/zucchini salad in balsamic vinaigrette and a side of brown rice for them. Another night, my cousin came over and we enjoyed a sweet potato frittata and sautéed veggies. Both meals went down a hit.

My point is: socialising on Whole30 is what you make out of it. It does take some willpower from your end but it's not impossible. That being said, I sure am looking forward to a glass of red next weekend once my 30 days are over ;).

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This was one thing I was really pretty concerned about going into my Whole30, especially with the socializing + alcohol that I tend to be around weekly. BUT once I told my friends what I was doing and why (usually with the caveat that I need to get in shape for my triathlon) they were very supportive and didn't push it. And if they did, I just kindly reminded them that I wasn't asking them to change anything they were doing but to simply support my decision to not drink. Sure, I caught a little flack, but in the good kind of way. I've been out a few times and calmly order a club soda with lime from the bar so I have a drink in my hand like everyone else. Actually, last weekend it became a running joke through the night as a friend said, "Watch out, she's on her third club soda...things are getting crazy!" It was really funny and I smiled and laughed with everyone else and we had a great night out.


If your friends are really your friends, they should support you. They might tease you a bit but that's okay...in the end they want you to succeed, and if you ask for their support and help up front they should give it.


So, yeah, I completely agree: It is what you make it! So make it about the socializing, and not about the food/drink that comes with it. It can be done!

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