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8 Year Old w/Reflux


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My husband and I are on day 27 of our first W30 and feeling great.  I decided to try W30 b/c I had been taking zantac every night for reflux symptoms for the past 10 years.  It was noticeably worse after certain meals but I could not pin-point.  I was also having random incidents of serious sinus congestion right after eating but could not identify the cause either.   When I started W30, I stuck w/the zantac for a few days and then went to every other night, then half a pill every other night and then nothing.  I was fine.  I have had heartburn (just a touch) a few times but am able to fall back asleep doing nothing for it.

Bottom line, I'm sure that I will find MY reflux culprit during re-intro and be reflux free permanently.


My son is 8 and has been taking Prilosec 2x a day for almost 2 years.   We tried weaning off at one point and symptoms returned, doctor upped the dose :(.  He is now on 10mg capsule 2/x day.  


Have to note that as a toddler he clearly had some sort of food intolerance. w/all intestinal issues.   We reduce sugar (all) and kept him on very limited sugar diet.  Intestinal issues went a way.   Once in school, the vomiting started and he finally told us he threw up in his mouth every day. 

If I knew now what I knew then......


We desperately want to get him off the Prilosec!   I have no proof of course, but we are feeling like his growth is greatly affected. He has a great appetite and grew 1 inch, gained one pound in over a year!



Sorry for the long backstory.


My question is, how do we balance weaning off meds and doing W30 for him?    I am wondering if we should wait to see what my reflux trigger is and then eliminate that from his diet.  Or do a whole30 completely (which I do think is much harder for a kid)  Most of his meals have been W30 compliant.


I would love to hear any suggestions.  There must be some parent that has gone through this before.   I keep reading about gluten/reflux but of course docs. say NO WAY!


thanks for any suggestions.

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I don't really have suggestions for how you should handle his diet, but Prilosec is a PPI.. of course symptoms are going to get worse when you try and come off it. Your stomach is going into overdrive because it's basically been shut off for so long. If a doctor upped the dose because of returned symptoms while you were trying to wean him off, I think I'd find a new doctor. Plus, it says on the warnings you're not supposed to take that stuff for more than two weeks at a time. My doctor stressed both those points to my husband when he was taking the stuff. Thankfully with the Whole30 we know his trigger for reflux is grains, so those are completely gone from our regular diet.

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How did your husband go about getting off the Prilosec?  Did he wean off during whole30?


Also, if I knew about the rebound symptoms when coming off a PPI, I would have challenged the doctor.  Also, I am fully aware that the doc. has to cover his behind.  My son did have some minor damage to his esophagus.  It seems docs. in general are afraid of being sued. 

In any case, onward and upward now.   I know it will be a balancing act between eliminating foods & reducing meds. 

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