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Weak fingernails


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While beautiful nails are not super important, I hate the way mine have deteriorated.  I've been taking all the right vitamins: biotin, b complex, c, d, e, k, magnesium, multi. for two months.  Just started drinking a warm mug of bone broth maybe two weeks ago.  I don't feel like I've seen any improvement.  They still split and peel or break at the slightest hit.  What else can I be doing?  Anything I should be avoiding?






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My nails are usually pretty sturdy, but they got bad for a while. I figured out through process of elimination that they were just very, very dry. I stopped using acetone on them, which helped some, and I started using Julep's Oxygen treatment for a few days in between my home manicures. It made a big difference for me. There are similar treatments from other companies, so you might be able to find a cheaper one, but that's the one I've been using.

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About a month after my first Whole30, my nails got WAY better. I think they take at least that long for the bad, weak stuff to grow out and the good new strong nails to replace them. And then you have to be consistent or they go crappy again. :) I still have no idea exactly what it is (or isn't) in my diet that makes my nails terrible and weak in between Whole30s (we eat paleo at home but indulge when we go out).

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Do you use nail polish?

No, I don't use polish of any kind.  I am a Nursing student and we aren't allowed to have polish while on clinicals.  I have tried different "nail strengthers" that are clear, but it hasn't helped.  


Interesting thought about how my body absorbs protein.  I'll have to see what I can do to improve absorption.  


Thank you all!

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Try taking gelatin as a supplement. This is a good one.


This particular gelatin, make sure you dissolve it in COOL water, not hot water like Knox Gelatin. Here are a few recipes for how to use it.



Great idea!  I love wellnessmama's site.  Lots of good stuff there.  So, I did order the gelatin, but in the meantime (3 days) I'll add some knox to my tea at bedtime.  

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