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Gas.... bloating


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I'm on day 3 of my whole30 and I've noticed that my belly is an official pooch????  It's so bloated and I have the worst gas EVER!!!! My husband is threatening to kick me out of the bedroom!  I'm trying to lose weight so the bloating thing is driving me nuts.  My pants are feeling snug.  

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Day 3: jan 29th (this is what I ate yesterday) Do you want me to post what I ate Day 2 as well?

No your right physibeth!!! I didn't fail and I won't fail!!! I'm in control! Full of energy all day but got cranky out of the blue around 5pm. I just let everyone know I was angry and didn't know why. I have a smart family they kept their distance lol. 
Slept good last night someone text me at 5:30 am I felt wide awake and could have gotten up for the day but since I didn't have to work I slept in till 7:30.

Meal 1: 10:30 I know that's late but I got super busy. 4 prosciutto egg wraps (nom nom paleo) and side of saute spinach. Filled me up and was delicious. 

Meal 2: 2:45 last bit of my left over Shepard pie...goodbye Shepard pie I love you and will miss the mouth watering taste in my mouth!!!!! 

Meal 3: beef and pumpkin stew! Mouth watering (had 2 bowls). 

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I hope I am not gaining weight! I really am hoping to lose 10#'s along with better sleep habits and waking up earlier refreshed (lose the alarm). The pain in my wrist is gone which is good. The bloating was less today but still gasy? Should I lay off the butternut squash and pumpkin since I'm trying to lose weight? Could it be that I had kabula (sp) squash last night in my curry chicken and pumpkin in my stew Wednesday? Could that be what is making my belly bloat or is it all the veggies? I had thai curry chicken from nom nom paleo for dinner last night over a plate of zoo del with some of that squash in the curry? Too much carbs????

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Breathe.  :)  You're only on day 4.

The carby vegetables you are eating are fine. You can continue to eat carby vegetables and lose weight - many previous Whole30ers (including myself) have.


Actually, I'm not sure you're eating enough veggies. Aim for 1-3 cups per meal (your meal 1 and meal 2 looked questionable on the veggie front.)


If you're eating more meat than prior to your Whole30, that can cause digestive challenges for a bit. Whole30 typically recommends digestive enzymes.

Look to eat your first meal within 1 hour of waking, structure your meals to fit the template of 1-2 palms of protein, 1-3 cups of veggies, and the appropriate amount of compliant fat per meal.

Be sure you're drinking water, in the amount of at least half your body weight in ounces, daily.

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Chris I'm ending my day 10 and I'm still gaining weight! I've been writing everything I eat on my NRitchie77 whole30.

Maybe it's the amount of fat I'm eating? I eat a salad with dried fruits (cranberries raise type fruit) with almonds or cashews or macadamia nuts sprinkled on top and avocado with either the orange vinaigrette dressing from nom nom paleo or her homemade ranch dressing? Plus I cook with 1-2 TBL of coconut oil.

I'm starting To get discouraged because I've gained 4 pounds now! And I've worked the last year to only lose 8 pounds and I've now gained 4 back. I'm thinking it's either the amount of fats or its my portion sizes maybe I need to cut my protein and fat in half???? Suggestions please!!!!! I'm starting to not want to do this and go back to starving myself!!!! UGGGGHHHH help!!!!!

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Chris this is what my diet looked like for the past year. I lost a total of 8 pounds mostly from starving myself....

Geez where do I start. I started eating paleo, than a friend told me about Body by Vi shakes and I did that for about 3 months and lost 7 pounds but the pains in my joints felt worse and my acid reflux was crazy. When I would eat I would WAY OVER indulge to the point I would literally make myself sick and my whole body would ache.

Thann another friend told me about Almased fast/detox. It is based with soy and honey everything I had learned about paleo but trying to lose weight after having the baby I tried it! I didn't eat for 10 days and only drank that. I lost 10 pounds and I was excited I than ate everything I could get my hands on and gained all my weight back in 4 days :( After that I went on a chocolate and pasta binge. Than I went on the fast again for 10 days lost 8 pounds.

Than I saw my It Starts With Food Book sat down and read it took notes and made a plan to start my whole 30! And now I'm freaking out because I gained weight and have a beer belly. Not quite what I'm going for lol

So in short I went from drinking 2 shakes a day and eating one very large meal, to starving myself, to going back to my carb, margarita/wine, and chocolate addiction with a hint of meat. To starving myself again to whole30

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Ok, so your hormones may be in a bit of a tizzy with all these changes.


I beg you to hide your scale and give the Whole30 a fair shot for the full 30 days.


I get the feeling you're stressed out at present, and would advise you to use methods to calm, ground and center yourself. Added stress can further complicate the hormonal situation.


Use the next 20 days to tune into your satiety signals. Eat to pleasantly full, and so that you're satiated for 4-5 hours. Use it as an experiment: let go of the number on the scale.


I know you were investigating digestive enzymes. That, along with fermented food may help (sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha) with the bloat.


In reviewing your log, overall, things look fine. Today was a bit fruit heavy with the  4 plums. Whole30 recommends 1-2 fruit servings a day, where a serving is the size of your fist.

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Chris... thank you for getting back to me so quickly.  My husband took the scale and put it in the garage but I dug it up when I couldn't button my pants today :(.  I will go drink some tea and calm down...I sure don't want to make matters worse.


I feel like in order for me to be full longer I have to eat 2 chicken thighs, 2 drum sticks 3 eggs in my omelets, etc VS. just one palm full?  Does that seem too much?  What about all the fat?  Should I drop my salads at dinner?  I fill like after the avocado, crumbled nuts fruits and dressing it is a bit much, but I am also not use to eating and feel like the more I eat its a bad thing especially since I've spent the last year on these diets where I drank my food and starved myself.  




The plums are quarter size since they are dried is that still too much fruit?  


Oh and I went with the Thorne brand for the enzymes but they have not came in the mail yet, hopefully next 2 days or so.  It said they were shipped today :)

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Let me try to clarify. Focus first on eating, chewing your food slowly, eating until you feel done. You are re-training your body on what being full on real whole food feels like: this will take time. Be patient with you and your body. 


The recommendation is to limit dried fruit, as they can be sugar bombs.

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