Day 30 and bloated, help!


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I was feeling pretty good a couple of weeks ago, pants looser, steady energy, etc.


For the last week and 1/2 I've felt bloated and gassy with occasional stomach pains.


I've wondered if something else could be bothering me....eggs or nuts (cashews mainly) seem to be the likely culprit. 


I'm not sure how to go about reintroducing foods if I'm already not feeling good.


Should I eliminate something else?


Bad idea to have a glass of wine tomorrow night? 

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I am on day 25 and am feeling the same today. Was feeling fine, but today especially am really fighting sugar cravings and feeling snacky. And very bloated. I don't have regular cycles anymore so I don't think it is related to that. But who knows, maybe my hormones are being balanced again.


As great as I feel on this, I do think I have not conquered my sugar demon and feel like I have to push through to atleast 45 days. With maybe a glass of wine or two here and there. Miss my wine!!!!

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I go back and forth between just having eggs on the weekend and trying to have them during the week.  I've always had them on the weekends and been fine but sometimes feel like when I eat more than that, they bother me.


I've also had more cashews.  I made cashew almond butter and had a little of that a few days and then threw some on my dinner one night and lunch the following day.


Today, I haven't had anything I don't usually (no eggs or cashews)  and I am miserable tonight.  


When it all first started, I started taking some Natural Calm magnesium, just less than a teaspoon.  Started adding one Biokult probiotic last night and tonight.  

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To clarify, it started when you started taking Natural Calm or vice versa?


Might take more than one day to feel relieve if eggs and/or cashews are the cause. 


All that said I still go through cycles of feeling uncomfortable. Lots of things affect digestion.


Do you do any fermented foods like raw sauerkraut or kombucha?

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