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Starting tommorow 2/1

karyn jaye

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Well....I'm starting tomorrow officially...though I have been following the plan for 5 days, kinda as practice I guess. I gave up sugar and wheat 10 days ago because I knew that would be a struggle, and it was. But I'm feeling way better and the cravings are minimal.

I know that I can't just decide to change my diet and white- knuckle my way through it. I will fail. I'm changing my thoughts around my food. I get to eat this way.....it's a privlege. I'm gonna let cravings remind me why I have to do this. I do not give a sh*t about super bowl snacks, my daughters homemade cookies, or eating out. None of those things are as important as my health and healing. It gets priority this month....I get to be the priority this month! Yay!

So far I love WellFed and am liking cooking ahead. It's going to be fun to try new recipes.

Failure is not an option.

Happy feasting to everyone!

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