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Gratitude and moving forward

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Finished my Whole 30 yesterday.I am so grateful for this program. It's made a big difference in how I view food and that, more than anything, has been the real value of the past month. My record for the month wasn't spotless; I stayed off of all non-compliant food, but included too many nuts and dried fruit in my meal templates (maybe I really need to not buy them, period). Something to look at and watch going forward. I had cravings for paleo desserts around week 3 and resisted it, having a tiny fruit salad with a meal a few times as a safer alternative . . . then the cravings disappeared. Finding Paleo restaurant meals was easier than I thought; my favorite was a middle eastern salad with chicken shwerma. Yum. Alot of time spent cooking dishes from Well Fed 1 & 2 and I feel more proficient in that. Will introduce grass-fed butter and see how I feel . . . don't have any craving/desire for grains, legumes, or other dairy. Will stay mindful now, but if I get off track again, know that I can come back and do another Whole 30.


I DO feel clearer, much clearer. No brain fog - yay! Dark circles under the eyes have gotten better; still there.


I didn't loose as much weight as I thought I would, but then my exercise routines really went by the wayside (so much time spent cooking!) I tend not to loose any weight if I don't hit the gym, so the 3 lbs I lost was pretty good. So . . . my next Whole 30 will be about exercise and movement.


PS: the emails from Melissa and Dallas were fantastic and helped keep me inspired and on-track.



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