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International travel after having to ditch the veggies and meat?


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Hi, I am off for a bit of a whirlwind international trip. I never feel better than when I eating W30-style and could use some help brainstorming ideas for what to do after my first 12-hour flight when I have to ditch the veggies and meats I bring from home and get on a second 12- hour flight a day later. I also have a peanut allergy so I may not be able to eat much or anything that they serve, making good planning even more important.

First flight, from US to Asia: I'm going to try taking some of your suggestions in other posts and bringing along tuna, veggies and fruit for my first flight; freezing a grilled chicken breast, veggie and sweet potatoes in a disposable Tupperware to eat cold later in the flight. I plan to pack several Artisana cashew butter packets (pricey but great for travel) in my liquids bag to enjoy with celery sticks and green apple. Any other tips?

Second flight, a day later, Asia to Australia: I can't bring produce or meat into my first stop in Asia and have no idea what I will have access to while I'm in Seoul. So, any ideas for packaged foods I can bring with me?

I'm taking a do-my-best approach on this trip, especially due to the language challenges. My plan for this flight and flights home I s to stock up on Apple Pie Lara bars; cashews butter packets; cashew and almond nuts; homemade beet, kale and sweet potato chips (may get confiscated?); ordering the "minimal ingredient" fruit menu on the plane. Clearly eating just nuts and fruit isn't ideal, but any other suggestions from others who have traveled while sticking close to W30?

Anyone with experience doing W30 in Seoul have suggestions on what I could find to eat in the airport or a grocery store that may work?

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