Rachel's Whole30 experience


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Today I am preparing for my Whole 30 experience. I am starting this change tomorrow. A lot of individuals are taking this on as a challenge from our Crossfit coach in town. We are asked to be strict for the first 30 days but continue for another 30 days as well. 


I am hoping for great results in my eating habits, body fat reduction, digestive problems, and overall energy throughout the day. I already sleep well so that isn't an issue with me. 


I am staying with my parents while my husband is deployed and will be working with them to eat this way as well. I'm sure they will benefit just as much, if not more! 

I am very glad that I like all foods and will have no problem eating veggies, fruits, and meats! Part of my issue is that I like everything and eat them all too much! My biggest trial will be eating fatty foods (fried) and dairy! Looks like I better get to preparing my meals this week and grocery shopping! Tomorrow we weigh in!!!

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Woohoo! Day one has begun! I went to bed and woke up nervous about this change. I went and had my weight and body fat taken and that wasn't so bad. We did our workout that we will do again at the end to see our improvements. I feel that I did pretty good at that was well. I came home and had to eat something ASAP. Managed to eat some boiled eggs, carrot, and some nuts. before I could even get my list together for the grocery store, i was feeling the hunger strings pulling. I made mom and I a good salad with some grilled chicken. If I can get prepared with food cooked and in the fridge I am hopeful to a good month with good food for my body. I am very optimistic and ready for tomorrow. Now I better get to that grocery store!

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