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Bread with butter and marmalade


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My partner has never been on a 'diet'healthy eating plan ever and he is almost at the stage of completing his whole30. Last time we did it I don't think we did the reintroduction properly and we didn't really find out what made his joints ache! So this time I want to make sure we do.

Marmalade bread and butter are what he wants to reintroduce. ( don't get me started )

So am I right in saying 1. He reintroduces bread, he has it 3 times in 1 day - it's not all bread just one particular type.

He waits 2 days

2. He reintroduces marmalade? Sugar? Not sure how - am I right in thinking he can't have marmalade on anything at this point. And he could reintroduce chocolate .

He waits 2 days

3. He reintroduces dairy, cheese. Milk and butter. He is not really bothered about anything else.

At what point can he have toast with marmalade and with butter?

Thank you in advance x

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