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Muscle fatigue, day 24


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Hi I am 65 yr. old  female, have been doing the whole 30 for 24 days with my wife. Lately I have noticed a "weakness" during yoga and water aerobics.

Our recent intake:


2 eggs, sausage sweet potato hash with sm. am't spinach (all cooked in 1-2 thumbs of gee &/or olive oil) 


or 2 eggs, almond meal (left over from making our almond milk) sweet potato "pancakes" yes I know the form is "not allowed" but have only done this twice with black berries and home made apple sause (just an apple cooked down)


Lunch is 1.5 palm sized portion of pork loin on lettuce/avacado "sandwich" or salad with same ingredients. (1/2 to whole avacado)


chicken veggie soup/stew with sweet potato or squash with oil added during cooking plus cut up chicken breast in soup


large portions of salmon baked with gee, japanese sweet potato fries cooked in olive oil and baked, with kale steamed and added oil


you get the picture. "snacks" once in a while of almond butter on apple or an orange. I'd say I have 2 pieces of fruit a day, no other cheating


Any advice on the muscle fatigue?


thank you





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The apparent weakness is, I believe, to do with the body adapting to burning fat rather than running on a ready supply of carbs - it feels different. I really noticed it in my workouts - not that I couldn't do as much, but I just felt weak, even at the start. My partner noticed this too in her running.


As for burning pain - not sure, but could it be a muscle tightness? I experienced very tight hamstrings, so much that I got severe lower back pain for a few days. Tight muscles are common in detox, so maybe?

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