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Help with next stage of Reintroduction?


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I just completed my 2nd Whole30 and began dairy reintroduction on Day 31. As recommended, I added yogurt (nonfat greek), cheese and ice cream (as well as a little sour cream) to my meal plan and ate 100% compliant. I went to bed feeling great and woke up feeling great. 


However, at midday, I had a migraine and two hours later I had a diarrhea attack (sorry, TMI). Now, I'm happy to admit that this suggests some intolerance to dairy (even if it never manifested in the past), but what does it mean for my reintroduction going forward?


Do you I consume dairy again to "test" it again? Or do I just move on to the next "group" for reintroduction?


Also, can migraines be a typical allergic or sensitivity response? Hard to imagine it's a fluke...


A little background:

I've been an infrequent migraine "sufferer" for 15+years. 4 a year seemed normal, but it has slowly been creeping up for the past few years. Flashes of light would trigger them, but I was never able to determine diet triggers (although, I never ruled them out).


I didn't suffer migraines during either of my Whole30 experiences and only suffered migraines between the experiences when I "fell off the wagon" during the Holidays.



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I just read that casein proteins (dairy) are a pretty common migraine trigger. 


I'd continue with the regular reintro schedule, and then after a few days of compliance, if you really want to have dairy in your diet, try it again.  You might consider doing a separate goat dairy vs cow dairy, or a fermented dairy vs non-fermented dairy.....


I intro'd dairy today, and got an immediate runny nose, and then a headache (nonmigraine).  I feel so badly that I'm not going to add dairy to my dinner tonight.  I'm considering the same thing.... is it possible it's a coincidence and I'm getting sick?  Probably not, I think, but we'll see how I feel with compliance tomorrow. 

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It would make sense to me that migraines would be a possible reaction, if you're already susceptible to them. A lot of people get headaches from this or that, so yours would be a more severe case.


The usual advice is to reintro per the schedule unless you have a bad reaction, in which case you should go back to Whole30 until you're feeling back to your new normal. :) If you're feeling fine on Day 4 and not seeing any further reaction to the dairy, it'd probably be fine to do gluten or whatever your next one is. If you're still having stomach issues or migraines, I'd wait another day or a few till you feel better.


One thing you might do in the future is to test yogurt, or hard cheese, or other specific types of dairy separately. Some people react differently to fermented dairy or dairy with very little lactose than to, say, a latte or ice cream.

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