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Mayo question...


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Hi everyone :-)

Sooo...I've been lurking for awhile now. Sorry. I'm on day 23. I won't lie. It's been tough. But fun too! I've gleaned LOADS of info from you guys so thanks for that!!

I do have a question though. I have read every mayo thread on this forum (I think) but can't find the answer to this question. So I have never had a failed mayo. Yay! (Granted I have only made two batches) But the last batch I made was definitely too...lemon-y for me. I know others have said use ACV so thought I would try that. However...the only ACV I have is the raw unfiltered kind from Bragg's.

Does anyone know if this tastes...stronger? Than the kind you get at the grocery that does not have all the floaty stuff in it? I'm not excited about ending up with a mouth puckeringly tart mayo.

Any help would be appreciated!!



From the frozen tundra of Iowa

Edited: for spelling errors. Sorry!

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Thank you missmary :-) I have the floaty ACV because it works great to kill a sore throat in it's tracks but honestly I have never used it to cook with. I have no idea why LOL

I have my egg coming to room temp now so we will see what happens! The plan is to use the mayo for deviled eggs for tomorrow...

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Thanks so much jent! That's a great idea. I forgot about that. I wish I had enough olive oil to try all ACV and then one half and half. Unfortunately right now my budget is so tight my checkbook squeaks when I open it. So I have one shot at this for the next two weeks.

I'm thinking the half and half route is the way to go...for this round anyway...

Thanks again :-D

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Vian Mercury and Nico...thank you!! You all have great thoughts.

So I ended up not making the mayo yesterday. My sis and nephews ended up on my doorstep and it's always complete chaos when that happens. In a good way though :-)

Ultimately I'm glad I waited...nico...for some reason your comment made me actually read the label on the lemon juice I bought. Who in the heck adds sulfites to lemon juice???? I wanted to beat my head against the wall when I saw that. Fortunately the previous batches I made were with fresh lemon juice so no worries there. I grabbed one of those little plastic lemon sqeezy things with the juice thinking the acid content would be more constant. Yeah it will be constant all right...cuz they added sulfites. Ugh.

Anywho...since this is going in the deviled eggs for super bowl and I can't use the lemon juice I have...I'm going with your suggestion Vian and using plain old white vinegar. I really can't have the mayo ending up too sour because I can't combat that with any type of added sweetener. Not on day 24. I have worked too hard at this to screw it up now :-)

I'll let you know how it goes!

Thanks again everyone. I REALLY appreciate it <3

Edited: again for typos. Sigh.

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Jent...it's just plain crazy.

You know what chapped me the most?? This is the first time in 24 days that I decided to take a 'shortcut' and use something that wasn't fresh. Up until now all the veggies all the fruit everything has been fresh from the veggie aisle at the market. Well except for the olives LOL

Still though...it never occurred to me that lemon juice of all things would be contaminated with nastiness. Grrr. All I can do is shake my head and wonder at the way of the world and the damage big industry is really doing to food.

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