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Jenny2014's Post Whole30 Log


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Hi everyone,


I've just finished my 3rd Whole30, but this is the first one in which I've decided to do a real "reintro" phase.


Yesterday, I just stayed compliant.  Just didn't want to really think about it, and now I'm glad, because I feel pretty bad today after trying to reintroduce dairy products.  I got up this morning and DH had made scrambled eggs with veggies and cheese.  Nothing else in it, so I had some.


M1:  Scrambled eggs cooked in butter with mushrooms, onions and shredded cheddar.

Reaction: To be honest, the cheese didint' taste that great anyway, and after a few bites my nose started running!  Then my head started to hurt and I just wanted to lie down.  Then I had a loose bowel movement (sorry TMI!) 


M2:  Went to to lunch with my son, and ordered a bacon cheese-burger with no bun (local beef, good stuff) and subbed the potatoes with a salad with oil and vinegar.  I piled the burger on the salad and it was really good.  The cheese was cheddar again (I know, not very varied).

Reaction:  A few bites in, my nose started to run again!  And then my headache got worse, and then more potty trouble.


M3:  I haven't had it yet, but I tell ya, it's going to be compliant.  I literally feel miserable.  And it was only a little bit of cheese.  It's just not worth it.  :( 


Well, day 1 post-whole30, and already I have learned something about myself!!!


Onward I go!

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M3: I ended up having a sweet potato hash with onion cooked in coconut oil, along with some chicken sausage. Hours later and my head is completely clear of headaches and runny noses.

Yucky cheese.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl and I am planing to make compliant chicken wings with BBQ sauce from the civilized caveman website, plus shrimp that my husband will eat as tacos, but I'll just have alone. Also guacamole and plantain chips. Nom nom!!

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Felt kinda cruddy this morning. Not sure what's going on. I feel good now, though. I know I'm letting myself get dehydrated, which is no good. Going to try to be more mindful of that.

Today, M1: 3 eggs cooked in ghee with bacon and half an avocado.

M2: Aidell's chicken sausage with roasted cabbage.

M3: chicken wings with BBQ sauce and shrimp with onions and bell peppers with homemade quac. Nom nom! Hubby even liked my paleo sauce for the wings.

Might make plantain chips later. If I feel like snacking during the game.

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