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Snacking and questions


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Hi!! I started my whole 30 on jan 27, which means I'm just finishing up day 6!!!

I have two questions though that are weighing on me.... 1. I just noticed that some cashews I was eating were roasted in peanut oil... I have probably eaten a cup of them in the last 6 days. And 2. I have found myself snacking on fruit.... Mostly berries (blue and black) and some raisins....(all compliant, but definitely over snacking)

Do either of these mean that I need to reset and start over?? All the rest of my meals are proportioned correctly, and I already have more veggies in me than I have had in the whole last year I bet!!! (Ok. Probably an exaggeration) I just want to do this right, and have no desire to cheat at all... I just want to make sure I am ok to keep going.... Or are either one of those issues too big to call success through today?? Help!! Thanks!!!

Update..... I just realized I posted this in the wrong place.... Please ignore!

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