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Robin G's Whole 30


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Day 0 - Went grocery shopping.  Doing a dress rehearsal for tomorrow regarding food.  Had a nice lunch of Grassfed ground beef with garlic powder and pepper, broccoli with lemon, and strawberries.



It's a darn good thing this was day 0 and not day 1.  I had a somewhat extended and inappropriate farewell to food and drink with my family's Superbowl celebration.

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Day 1 - Anxious... I want to be able to maintain this for 30 days.  On every eating endeavor I have started, it's all good in the morning.  The afternoon / evening is when things that are very bad ideas start looking very reasonable.  I have at least educated myself on the whole dairy cream thing, so am not going down in flames from the start of my day.   


Planning to take scary midsection photo a little later today.   I was on a diet middle of last year (time flies) in advance of my 50th birthday.  My weight was 151 (right about where it is now), and I didn't want to start my 50th with that baggage, so I got myself a low carb meal replacement shake that worked like a charm to suppress my cravings, and lost almost 15 pounds.  It was great except for the palpitations and faintness.  I thought I was developing a cardiac issue.  Who knew Hoodia could react so badly with my system?   So, once off that, the weight came back.  I really want to find a way to eat that is sustainable, good for me, and helps eliminate the cravings.  Anxious...  Hopeful.


Before breakfast: Coffee with coconut milk / cream

Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with an apple in coconut oil, sweet potato

Lunch: Tuna packed in olive oil with sauteed kale with lemon juice, orange

Dinner: Curry pumpkin soup and ham slices

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But isn't an appetite suppressant a good thing?  Lack of appetite has never been my problem.  :-)  I will keep that in mind going forward.


On a Whole30, the idea is to tune into your body's natural satiety signals, not fake them out with caffeine.  :)

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Day 2

Breakfast - 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, large handful of kale wilted in skillet after eggs finished, sweet potato, 4 strawberries


Coffee with coconut cream, another cup black


Lunch - Chocolate chili, carrots, peppers


Snack - Orange and small fistful of almonds


Dinner - Hamburger, roasted green beans, roasted broccoli, cup of curry pumpkin soup

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Day 3 - Feel fairly well, looking at this as a month of excellent nutrition if nothing else.  Worried that I might be eating too much, but concerned if I don't eat enough that I'll make bad choices.


Breakfast - Rest of curry pumpkin soup mixed with ground beef - was hungry and it was there!

Late lunch - Cold chili  :(, carrots

Snack - Apple, almonds

Dinner - Grilled chicken, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower medley, spagetti squash with clarified butter, water with lemon

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Day 4 - Tired!!!!  Slept like I'd had too much caffeine before bedtime.  Hard to get up today and then my morning went somewhat poorly initially as one of the pets had vomited and someone else, who shall not be named, tracked it all over the living room.

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Welcome.  Looks like you're on the right track with sticking to compliant foods.  A couple of suggestions:


Have a look at the meal-planning template http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf


Make sure you are getting some fat with each meal, as well as 2-3 Cups of veggies.  It will help you stay satisfied until the next meal.  Which brings up the next point...

Snacking between meals is generally discouraged on Whole30 (except for Pre- and Post- Workout meals).  Try to eat three meals.  This means eating enough so that you are satisfied until the next meal.  You're doing well with your food choices and it's been a few days so hopefully you can gauge how much you need.  If you feel that you do need to snack, snacks should be a mini-meal consisting of some fat and protein (but not as much as for a regular meal).  If you feel like you need a snack at some point, nuts and a hard-boiled egg or nuts and a little bit of meat would be better than nuts and fruit. 


Best wishes on your continued journey towards better health :)

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Hi Derek, thanks for the helpful advice!  I think I snack to a certain extent out of fear that I'll get too hungry.  I tried to trim it back today to just the handful of cashews as I couldn't find any magnesium citrate for the hand cramps.


Day 4 - 


Breakfast – 3 scrambled eggs, sweet potato, orange, coffee with coconut milk/cream

Hand cramps (left hand)

Black tea

Lunch – Chili, banana, roasted green beans, 12 almonds, big bottle of water

Dinner - Leftover grilled chicken breast, large serving of kale with lemon juice and olive oil, cashew (for the magnesium)


*** The lemon Natural Calm with the Stevia is totally off limits, right?  Of course I have that.  :-(  

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Day 6 - Tired and feeling a little like I do on a low-carb diet, but I'm not doing a low carb diet, just saying...


Breakfast - Scramble with 2 eggs, 1 leftover pork chop, leftover broccoli, cauliflower, carrot mix cooked in clarified butter, two handfuls of kale steamed in skillet after eggs done, coffee with coconut milk/cream


Facing a bit of a challenge as I'll be dining out tonight. :o   Plan to have something grilled with steamed or sauteed vegetables.  Also will be doing a bunch of cooking today and/or tomorrow to set myself up for the coming week.


Hah!  I nearly had a Facebook epic failure.  Was posting a picture of my pug puppy from my phone, and didn't realize until the very last minute that I had also selected all my massively unflattering before pictures in shorts and a sports bra.  I think I would have had to change my name and leave the country if I'd really done that.  Grateful that it didn't happen.  :P


Lunch (late due to work issue) - Tuna, lettuce, tomato salad, cashews, orange


Have a headache.


Dinner (early due to plans with parents) - Broiled seafood platter, steamed veggies, unsweetened iced tea

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Day 7 - Very happy at how this is working thus far.  I am feeling a little sluggish, so will be trying to bump up the veggie carbs today.  I read today's newsletter and laughed as I was "THIS CLOSE" to hopping on the scale to check my progress.  Glad I didn't.


Breakfast - Hash made with clarified butter, 1/2 large leftover sweet potato, 1/2 cup sweet onion, 2 leftover thin pork chops with salt, pepper, and red pepper - Very tasty!  Coffee with coconut milk/cream

Lunch(late) - Chicken and apple sausage, grilled, sauteed kale with garlic and chicken broth, curried cauliflower, small dish of sliced strawberries and blueberries

Snack - Chicken and apple sausage and apple (very hungry)

Dinner - Paleo Plantain beef pie

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Day 8 - Feeling pretty good today  :)


Breakfast - Coffee with coconut milk / cream, 3 eggs fried in clarified butter, onions / mushrooms / tomatoes sauteed in clarified butter

Lunch - 2 thin pork chops, sugar snap peas, 1/2 cup blueberries

Dinner - Paleo Plantain Beef pie, apple, 1/4 cashews


Was feeling nicely optimistic, then snacky, then a bit troubled by a "Women over 50" thread.

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Day 9

Breakfast - Coffee, the usual way.  Bite sized pieces of pork chop sauteed in olive oil with kale, mushrooms, a small handful of snow peas, salt, pepper, red pepper, cup of black tea

*stomach pretty full and wrestling with the high fiber bounty!

Lunch - Chicken apple sausage (1 1/2), roasted curry cauliflower, sparkling water

Dinner - Thai chicken curry from NomNomPaleo with roasted green beans and a sprinkling of cashew nuts

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Day 10

Breakfast - Coffee / usual, 3 eggs fried in clarified butter, 2 pork chops with a bit of curry paste, a tomato, 1/2 cup blueberries


* I'm pretty sure I could write a sonnet to the excellence of curry paste in general, and the 1/2 pint of blueberries I've consumed over the last few days in particular.  This would not be as a combined presentation, of course, but both of which I've enjoyed tremendously.  The blueberries were a special surprise since often they're just mushy and bland.  If the day doesn't go to rack and ruin, I'd like to make Salmon cakes for dinner, and work on some "better butter" and mayo.


Lunch - Plantain beef pie, carrots, orange, cashews


Dinner (late) - 2 salmon cakes - and dealing with a can of salmon with skin and bones was traumatic enough that I thought I was going to have bad dreams about it.  I know, I'm a weenie.

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Day 11

Breakfast -  Coffee with coconut cream, 3 fried eggs, mashed sweet potatoes with coconut milk

*** Midmorning team meeting with many homemade cookies and donuts from the best donut shop in Jacksonville - and I did not participate.  :-)

Lunch - 2 salmon cakes, roasted green beans

Dinner - Leftover curry chicken with a large serving of steamed broccoli on the side


Decaf coffee with coconut cream

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Day 12

Breakfast - coffee with coconut milk / cream, last portion of Plantain beef pie, leftover mashed sweet potatoes

Lunch - 2 salmon cakes, red bell pepper strips, apple

Snack - Paleo pack (jerky, nuts, dried fruit) - long time until dinner tonight.  I will say, this is nothing that you would casually snack on, or at least I wouldn't.  That's some seriously salty meat.  

Dinner(late) - Steak, plantains, mixed "super" greens with oil and vinegar, grilled pineapple

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Day 13 :)

Breakfast - 2 cups of coffee, 3 scrambled eggs with onions and red pepper sauteed in ghee, leftover plantains

Lunch (pretty disorganized - puppy has to go for training at 12:30) - Sweet potato with coconut milk and ghee while waiting for chicken breast to cook., followed by chicken breast with salt, pepper, paprika

Dinner - Tuna salad with homemade mayo, red bell peppers and celery, pineapple, and cashews

*** Super tired tonight

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Day 14

Breakfast / Brunch - 2 homemade sausage patties, scrambled eggs, sweet potato and onion hash, pineapple

Dinner - Chicken and apple sausage, green beans, broccoli, mixed salad with dressing (homemade, mayo base)

Snack - Cashews


Feel not especially great and my foot is bothering me.

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Day 15 - Have not slept well last two nights.  :-(  Foot hurts.

Breakfast - Coffee with coconut milk / cream, fried plantains, 2 eggs, sausage patty, orange

2 Motrin

Snack - decaf coffee with coconut milk

Lunch - 2 chicken apple sausages, red cabbage and apples

Dinner -  Roasted chicken, mixed vegetables, sweet potato hash, 2 peach slices

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Day 16 - Foot feeling a little better after a day of rest and Motrin.  Must remember to drink more too.

Breakfast - Coffee, 3 fried eggs, spinach and garlic, sliced tomato, mashed sweet potatoes and coconut milk / cream

Lunch - Roasted chicken, raw carrots & celery, an apple, cashews

Dinner - 2 salmon cakes, red cabbage and apples, cup of decaf coffee with coconut milk / cream

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Day 17 - Had to get up for system maintenance in middle of the night.  Needed much coffee to get going this morning.

2 cups coffee 

Breakfast - 3 eggs scrambled in ghee, sliced tomato, 1/2 cup blueberries, cup of coffee with coconut cream / milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon (this is really delightful!) 


Went for a walk before lunch.  May be hitting the "Kill all things" stage late in the game.


Lunch - 2 salmon cakes, baby carrots, cashews, black tea


Dinner (late) - Curry ground beef over cauliflower faux rice.  Cauliflower rice makes a decent grain substitute.  What a surprise!

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