canned chunk light tuna in water, can I have this?


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  • 3 weeks later...

I completed the whole30 a few days ago... or THOUGHT I did until I read this post.  Soy in tuna? What the heck?  So I race to the kitchen and yep!  My starkist tuna has soy!  I lost 21 pounds on my "faux30" and I was so proud of myself!  So much for patting myself on the back about my whole30.   I ate tuna 2 times a week during my whole30 so I was exposed to soy all that time.  

Now I'm off to find compliant tuna and I guess I will start over tomorrow.  The ONE label I didn't check...  *sigh*  so frustrating... :blink:

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Moderator Tom likes to tell the story of his first Whole30, when he ate white potatoes nearly every day because he didn't realize they were off plan.  It seems you had great success :)  Just take that knowledge with you into the next round!


Sounds like an this one has become a bit of a fish story -- when Tom told me the same last year it was "almost once a week"  ;)  :D .


but yes. My first whole30 was whole30+rice bran oil in my vitamin D supplements, and still, I survived  :)

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