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ingredients in medications and supplements

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Hello, I take a couple prescribed medications and I'm not sure what ingredients are in them. Also, I've looked at my supplements and I'm not entirely sure what most of the inactive ingredients are (I don't know what it is sourced from). So far the only thing that has stood out is the selenium I have has rice flour in it, so I will stop taking that. It seems the most common inactive ingredients in my supplements are gelatin, magnesium stearate, silica, and a few others.

I'm concerned there may be things in the pills I take that could be sabotaging my w30. I wouldn't mind decreasing my supplements for the next 30 days, but what about my prescriptions? How would I know what is in them if it's not listed on the bottle? Should I call the pharmacist? I feel it will most likely be ingredients that are foreign to me.

I can list what I take if that is at all helpful. Thanks!!

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Your medications are okay during a Whole30, regardless of ingredients. We're not doctors and would not think of telling you to stop taking something your doctor prescribed. Supplements are a different story. Supplements with off-plan ingredients should wait until you are not doing a Whole30. Speaking of supplements, you might be interested in these articles...



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Thanks! That's funny, I take every single supplement on the "daily doses" list except for digestive enzymes. In addition to what is on that list I take probiotics, b complex, selenium, ubiquinol, niacin, lions mane, chaste tree berry, evening primrose, and black cohosh.

I take the chaste, evening primrose, and black cohosh to regulate my menstrual cycle.

I take selenium and zinc to detox from high arsenic levels detected in a urine test.

the b complex and niacin are moslty for depression.

lions mane is for nerve repair.

the ubiquinol that I have has medium chain triglycerides, gelatin, beeswax, ascorbyl palmitate (vit c), water and caramel color as "other ingredients". This is one that has the most questionable ingredients.

So my question is, would it make sense to stop taking these supplements during the w30 to see if the diet alone will improve the conditions I take them for?

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