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Erin's Whole30 Log


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Day 15

Half way there. Feeling down.

- missing Scott (boyfriend living overseas indefinitely)

- frustrated with seeming lack of results (except sleeping well)

- crappy morning in the office

- didn't eat my first meal until 10.30am (still eating)


Steamed kale, three eggs, 2 thumbs mayo

2 cups fennel tea

Large handful of grapes


Leftover Mediterranean veggies, handful of olives

Poached chicken

1 plum


Tuna, coconut milk, tomato paste, cauliflower rice

3-4 cashews

Chai tea (black)

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Day 16

I'm on struggle street. I truly believe in the Whole30, I want it to 'work' so badly. I've played with paleo before and atkins/low carb. I usually drop weight at a rate of 1 - 2 kgs a week.

I weighed myself this morning and I haven't dropped anything. I weighed myself after I took photos. I know we are not allowed to.. but I'm at my wits end here.

I spent ALL of week 2 severely constipated. That has started to clear up.

I woke up this morning exhausted, struggled to get out of bed and 30 minutes late for work.

I'm frustrated and nauseous. I don't feel good at all.

I'm not doing any exercise due to injury, I feel like I'm eating enough. I'm rarely hungry between meals, and never hangry. I'm sleeping like a baby... but I'm exhausted.

The only thing I can think is that I am under a bit of stress.. I'm always stressed.. maybe a stress addict... pressure at work.. pressure with my sport.. exacerbated by my lack of ability to train right now..

I'm going to keep going.. and I want to eat like this forever.. I don't truly believe that grain, dairy, legumes will make me feel better. I don't want to eat them...

But there's something going on.. I don't know what to do..

Maybe it's the years of yo yo dieting.. starvation. bingeing..

Maybe it's going to take me longer than 30 days to see results.

Is it the coconut milk? Without it.. I will struggle to get fat in my diet. I can survive on mayonnaise.



2 eggs, steamed kale, sweet potato

Home made mayo

Small serve chia pudding (chia seeds + coconut), berries and grapes (handful)

Fennel tea


Leftover tuna with coconut milk & tomato paste, 1/2 green capsicum, cherry tomatoes, 1/4 sweet potato


4-5 cashews

Ground beef curry with carrot & broccolini, kale chips

Chai tea

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Ok, hide the scale for your remaining days.  :) 

Yes, eating in the way you previously described may have impacted your hormones and ability for your body to adjust. Give it time and patience. 

Chia pudding?  I'm thinking that's SWYPO ...

How about incorporating at least 1 carb dense vegetable daily?


Also, do you have a routine for managing your stress? Now might be a good time to take some active steps in that direction ...

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Thanks Chris

Already had the chia pudding approved by moderators :) It's just chia seeds and coconut milk.. not really very exciting at all & I'm not letting it push my protein, fat, veggies off my plate.


I lost about 4- 5 kgs in the 5 weeks prior to the whole30, simply by cutting out take away and junk food.. alcohol and chocolate.. but I was still eating grain, dairy, legumes.. toast every morning for example.

I guess.. I just expected a bigger change.. and seeing as I'm feeling pretty rotten I don't even have that to 'focus' on..


I'm not giving up.. just hoping something changes soon!


Question.. why do we need to add carb dense veggies if we are fat adapted?


re: stress.. I know.. I just.. I'm not really sure what angle to tackle it from. Work is probably my biggest stress.. and I am considering looking for a new job.. I'm also focusing on NOT over training when I return.. I have been guilty of that.. dance training 6 nights a week plus 3 gym session.. etc.. 

Yesterday I pulled out of something that wasn't necessary to give me more time at home.. pretty proud of myself! but now got to get on top of a few other 'stressors'

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I wonder if I'm eating too much protein for weight loss



I've got a dull headache.. I had it last night too.. I'm drinking plenty of fluids

I rarely have headaches..



I'm just hoping this is some sort of transition.. still..


I'm only about 10kg over weight (and I'm a competitive dancer.. so comparing to where I need to be as a dancer.. a lot of people would say I'm not over weight at all)...


I was eating fairly well prior to the whole30..


I just didn't think I would be feeling this bad.. 

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From an energy perspective, some people don't do well with low carb. That's why when we see people complaining of low energy and we don't see carb-dense veggies, that's one of the first suggestions we make. The Whole30 isn't trying to get you to ketosis  (referenced in the link you posted).


On the stress thing, you can start with focused breathing. Just watch your in breath and out breath. No expectation or judgment. Just watch, and as your thoughts drift away, just gently escort your attention back to your breath.

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hmmm. you worry that sweet potatoes will be too many carbs and prevent you from becoming fat adapted, but you eat dates and chia pudding and bananas and other fruit regularly? Tough love time. Take a step back and and look at the meal template again. Put some protein on your plate, some veggies and fat. Eat enough of them so you don't need fruit and dates and chia pudding. Eat SO MUCH of them that you are too full to even consider fruit and dates and chia pudding. Then trust that you are doing it right and relax.


If you are overweight, weight loss will come in time. How much time depends on lots of things. If you were starving yourself previously, it might take longer. If you are close to a healthy weight already it might take longer.  You might even need to gain a little before your metabolism straightens out. At the moment, sad to say, this urgency and stress you are experiencing around food and diet is a big part of the problem. Trying to ease that stress will help with weight loss, digestion, sleep...so many things will get better  :)


Finally, although I don't say this very often, you might want to consider whether the whole30 is right for you at this moment in your life. If the restrictions of the plan feed into stress or cause you to feel obsessed with food and weight that's not a good thing. I'm not sure if this is you, but in case that resonates, here's an article: http://whole30.com/2012/02/whole30-gone-bad/

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Hi Guys,


Thanks MissMary. I ate dates and bananas on 1 day out of 16. I ate chia pudding on 2 days out of 16. Literally two tablespoons. I wouldn't call this regularly.


I've got the meal template under control, I'm eating protein fat and veggies with every meal. We're allowed to have fruit, but I'm happy to cut that out.


I didn't realise how high in carbohydrate Chia seeds are! I already threw out the packet this morning (don't love them, so what's the point in eating them) but this helps to firm my decision. I've only had about half a cup in coconut milk total, but.. it really puts things in perspective. Scared of potato / not scared of chia seeds = doesn't make sense.

However, I just compared carb content in grapes to sweet potato.. and it's exactly the same. So I'm happy to ditch the fruit if that's what you're suggesting but it seems to me I'm already getting the same carb content from grapes in the morning than I would get from sweet potato.


edit: ohhh.. I get it.. it's the sugar.. different kind of sugar? related to blood sugar/insulin response etc??


Willing to give it a go though.. and have added it in today already.

It's interesting to hear that the Whole30 doesn't try to get us into ketosis, because everyone talks a lot about fat adaptation & burning fat as energy instead of carbohydrate.


Isn't this what we're trying to do?


Are fat adaptation and ketosis different things? (genuine question)

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I'm reading this - http://whole30.com/2012/02/whole30-gone-bad/

This may be what is happening to me. Maybe I can turn this around.


Ok here's my action plan:


1) Ditch the fruit & seeds, include sweet potato daily

2) Eat MORE at meal times protein/fat/veggies (especially fat) 

3) Go to bed 1 hour earlier (if I need 10 hours for now.. that's what my body needs)

4) Stop obsessively looking in the mirror, comparing and fussing

5) Address stress issues

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Day 17

Still have a slight headache, feel like a zombie, small pimple on my forehead.


Large palm size serving of beef & pork mince (onion, chili powder, tomato paste, raw organic cacao)

1 cup steamed kale, handful sweet potato hash (egg/coconut oil), handful of carrot sticks

1/2 an avocado

2 cups Fennel Tea

Headache now worse, nose sniffles. Exhausted.

I wonder if it's the fennel tea.


Large palm size serving of beef & pork mince

Handful sweet potato hash, carrot sticks, capsicum, celery

2 thumbs home made garlic mayo

2 cups green tea


Chicken & vegetable curry (carrot, celery, capsicum, handful chicken)

Kale chips

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Day 18

I'm reading ISWF and I think I'm eating too much protein/fat for weightloss. It also want to watch my starchy carbs portions now that I'm eating them more.

However I also am waking up with a headache, forum says:

Eat more

Drink more

Add salt

I drink a lot of water, at least 2 litres.. However I do that mostly during the day and not much in the evenings so could be dehydration. I was also very hot when I woke up.

Still tired/foggy but maybe a small improvement with the sweet potato yesterday.

I am gassy and a bit uncomfortable this morning. I might need to trial eliminate coconut milk but maybe not right away want to get the headaches & fatigue sorted first that's my biggest concern.


Handful sweet potato (in coconut oil), celery & capsicum

3 poached eggs & 1/2 an avocado

Headache was so bad I went home from work. Napped from 2.00pm - 6.00pm. I haven't had a sick day in 6 months. I'm getting pretty fed up.


Leftover chicken curry from last night

Closed handful of olives to supplement coconut milk


Palm of poached chicken, handful of sweet potato hash fried in coconut oil

Carrot, celery & capsicum dipped in garlic aioli

I'm definitely not losing weight. I think I've been over eating protein so watching that. Going to monitor fat more closely too...

(On the plus side, yesterday's pimple was almost gone by bed time and completely gone this morning.. Wth?!?)

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Day 19

Constipated again.
Second day off work, I've never had a migraine before and think this is one. Got up, showered, brushed teeth and head pain back centered behind my right eye. Back to bed.

Feel fat. I know I haven't lost weight.. Constipated.. Slept terribly.. Now have a migraine..

It is very hard to stay positive. I think I'll be doing a whole60. I don't know why I'm not getting the results everyone talks about. I was in week 1! *sigh*

Breakfast likely to become brunch. In bed still.

Poached chicken, sweet potato hash, carrots & home made mayo

Coffee on half cup coconut milk (for migraine)
Sweet potato and spinach pan fried in coconut oil
Palm of poached chicken

I've ordered natural calm but am now desperate so will choose to take the magnesium supplement I have available which contains soybean.

My plan is to do another whole30 immediately after this one, I will have my natural calm by then and that can be my true whole 30.

I don't think this is failure. The last two weeks were incredibly tough and I'm making this decision for my well being with plans to follow up with a fully compliant whole30 straight after.


Poached chicken (palm), handful of carrot sticks and 1 spoon of garlic mayo

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Day 20


Migraine hangover. Stomach pain. Still waiting for the magic to happen.



3 eggs, spinach, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks fried in 1 heaped teaspoon of coconut oil

1 heaped teaspoon garlic mayo





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Now in hospital.. Going in for emergency surgery tonight for appendicitis.. Have to take a break from the whole 30

They pumped me full of glucose today when my blood sugar dropped dangerously low

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Now in hospital.. Going in for emergency surgery tonight for appendicitis.. Have to take a break from the whole 30

They pumped me full of glucose today when my blood sugar dropped dangerously low


Holy toledo!  :o


So sorry to hear this, Erin!  Hope all goes well with your surgery and we see you back here after you recover.

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